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VFD, 0.5hp, 7A, 110-115V, Single Phase Input/Output, Keypad, EMC Filter, NEMA 4X, IP66, General Purpose AC Drive, OPTIDRIVE E3 Series, Simple Setup with 14 Basic Parameters and Functions, For Use with PSC or Shaded Pole Single Phase Motors

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This drive can be used with PSC or shaded pole single phase motors only.

The Optidrive E3 from Invertek is a general purpose sensorless vector drive that is great for most motor types.

E3 series, 3 phase rated drives (with the exception of Size 4 IP66/NEMA 4X models) can be derated by 50% for use in single phase power applications. Please see more information under 'Documents'.

Invertek offers single phase input drives up to 10 hp, these drives are not derated.

  • This is the most popular, general purpose drive from Invertek
  • Available from 0.5 to 50hp
  • Single and 3 phase input, 110 to 480V models
    • Single phase input models available up to 10hp!
  • Choose from IP20 or IP66/NEMA 4X models
  • Switch between Industrial or Pump & Fan modes
  • Simple set up – just 14 basic parameters and functions
  • Includes models for single phase motors
  • Can be used with all motor types; induction, AC permanent magnet, brushless DC, line start PM, synchronous reluctance
  • Internal Category C1 EMC filter
  • 2 year warranty

IP20 (part #'s ending in 2):

  • Available up to 50hp, no disconnect switch
  • Indoor rated
  • 3 phase models can be derated by 50% for use in single phase power applications

IP66/NEMA 4X (part #'s ending in A or B):

  • Ending in B is Outdoor, with disconnect switch
  • Ending in A is Outdoor, no disconnect switch
  • Outdoor rated, dust-tight and washdown ready!
  • Please note: For IP66/NEMA 4X three phase input models, chassis size 4 is not capable of being derated for use in applications supplying single phase power to these units.
    • Size 4 chassis use film capacitors which prohibit single phase operation.

Single Phase Input/Output:

  • Available from 0.5 to 1,5hp
  • For use on permanent split capacitor (PSC) or shaded pole induction motors
  • These drives end in -01
  • Higher horsepower 3 phase models can be derated for use in single phase power applications.
  • Switch between industrial mode, pump mode and fan mode
  • 14 parameter basic setup, default settings suitable for most applications
  • Internal Category C1 EMC filter


Features Include:

  • Power Supply: 24 Volt DC, 100mA, Short Circuit Protected, 10 Volt DC, 10mA for Potentiometer
  • Output Current: 7 A
  • Digital Inputs: 8 – 30 Volt DC, internal or external supply | Response time < 4ms
  • Output Frequency: 0 – 500Hz, 0.1Hz resolution
  • Acceleration Time: 0.01 - 600 seconds
  • Keypad: Built-in keypad as standard, optional remote mountable keypad
  • Display: 7 Segment LED
  • PC: OptiTools Studio
  • Small mechanical envelope
  • Rugged industrial operation
  • Fast setup, and simple operation with 14 basic parameters
  • Unique motor control strategy optimized for single phase motors
  • Motor current and rpm indication
  • Built in PI control, EMC filter (C1) & brake chopper
  • Application macros for industrial, fan and pump operation
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Control Method:

  • Sensorless Vector Speed Control
  • PM Vector Control
  • BLDC Control
  • Synchronous Reluctance

Technical Information:

Options and Communication Cards:

Application Notes: