MegaResistors is a Canadian company that designs and manufacturers a full range of power resistors.

What type of resistors do they make? Dynamic braking, neutral grounding, motor control and harmonic filter resistors. They also have resistive load banks, high resistance grounding systems and second ground fault protection systems.


Custom Products

Products can be customized and the average lead time is 2 weeks. Expediting options are available.

Approvals and Ratings

A Canadian manufacturer that complies with ISO 9001, their products meet UL, NEC, CSA, IEEE, NEMA and IEC standards and codes.


All MegaResistors products have a 24 month warranty.

Why MegaResistors?

A market leader that offers high quality products, competitive pricing and excellent service.

MegaResistor Product Categories:

Braking & Controls

Braking & Controls

Dynamic braking resistors (DBR) and motor control resistors (MCR).

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Power Quality & Testing

Power Quality & Testing

Harmonic filter resistors, load bank resistors and discharge resistors. Ideal for generator and USPS testing as well as passive harmonic filtering.

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Grounding & Safety

Grounding & Safety

Neutral grounding resistors (NGR), high resistance grounding (HRG), ground fault protection relays and grounding transformers.

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Common Questions About Brake Resistors

What Is

What Does A Brake Resistor Do?

A brake resistor can protect your variable frequency drive by taking the extra energy generated by a motor during braking situations. Think of them as a big energy absorber. When braking, the motor generates extra energy. With a brake resistor the VFD can divert that current to the resistor which can then convert it into heat and safety dissipate it.


When Do I Need A Brake Resistor?

Do you need to slow your motor down quickly? The faster it needs to stop, the more electricity is generated that you need to deal with. Your variable frequency drive that controls the motor might not be able to handle that extra electricity. This can lead to a voltage spike which could damage your VFD.


What Are Common Applications

• Elevators - brake resistors can absorb the energy the elevator motor generates during decelerations • Cranes and Hoists - you need precise stopping to safely handle loads when lifting and lowering • Conveyors - if you need to stop fast or reverse the conveyor, you can generate a lot of excess energy • Wind Turbines - wind gusts can cause the rotors to spin too fast

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