Circuit Breakers

(a.k.a. mini breakers, MCB, MCCB, molded case breaker, supplementary protection)

The basics: a circuit breaker is a device that will interrupt the flow of current in an electrical circuit. This protects the surrounding electrical components and wiring from damage by electrical overloads or short circuits.
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  1. MCB, 1P, 277 VAC, C Curve, 15A, UL1077, 5kA
    MCB, 1-Pole, 277VAC, C-Curve, 15A, UL1077, 5kA, Mi UMBW-1C1-15
    14353581, This is the Recommended Replacement for UMBW-1B1-15 (14361512), UMBW-1B1-16 (14350148)
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  2. 0626044763
    Circuit Breaker, UL489, 1-Pole, D-Curve, 25A, 10kA 0626044763
    626044763, BK63HU 1P D25A 10kA 277VAC UL489
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  3. 0626043263
    Circuit Breaker, UL489, 1-Pole, C-Curve, 3A, 10kA, 0626043263
    626043263, BK63HU 1P C3A 10kA 277VAC UL489
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