Bonfiglioli is an Italian manufacturer of gearmotors, planetary gearboxes and drive systems. They have several brands that include Bonfiglioli Riduttori (gearboxes), Bonfiglioli Trasmital (planetary gearboxes) and Bonfiglioli Vectron (electronics).

For a Bonfiglioli replacement, please use our Contact Us form and include an image of the data plate and unit with your request. Please note we do not sell spare parts or rebuild kits, we only sell Bonfiglioli complete units.

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  • Helical Gearboxes - C 36 3 P 70.8 P



    Helical Gearboxes - C 36 3 P 70.8 P90 B3 Foot Mounted, Output Shaft Dimension: Ø35 h6 x 70mm, ATEX Gearbox for Explosive Environments 2G/2D

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    IEC Asynchronous IE1 Three Phase Motor, 71B
    Available Now!



    IEC Asynchronous IE1 3 Phase Motor, 71B 4 230/400-50 IP54 CLF B14 FD 5 R NB 230 Eurovoltage D.C. Brake with Release Lever at 90 from Terminal Box, Brake Torque 5 Nm Half Wave Rectifier 230V Brake Supply 230V Brake Supply Power = 0,37 kW - 0