Pfannenberg is a global manufacturer of thermal management products, liquid cooling solutions and signaling technologies.

Founded in 1954 by Otto Pfannenberg, they invented the Filterfan® in 1958 and continue to be the leader in managing temperature in electrical enclosures.

They have international headquarters in Hamburg, Germany and North-American headquarters in Lancaster, NY.

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Thermal Management

Thermal management requirements are based on the climate inside the enclosure as well as the environment outside of the enclosure.

Visual & Audible Alarms

Visual and Audible Alarms

A complete offering of stack lights, visual signals, audible alarms as well as combined signaling; sounders with lights. 10 year warranty (excluding stack lights).

Why Pfannenberg for Visual & Audible Signaling?

10 Year Warranty All audible and visual signaling products, with the exception of light towers, have a 10 year warranty! Guaranteed to protect your people, machines and environment.

High Service Life High quality components give you 70% light emission even after 8 million flashes!

Great for Harsh Environments High ratings available and they offer sounders that can be used indoors or outdoors.

Powerful Flashing Lights Available from 5 to 15 Joules flash energy, they are extremely bright and highly visible!

Liquid Cooling Chillers

Liquid Cooling

Pfannenberg offers chillers from sizes less than 1/2 to to 30 tons, your solution for industrial fluid cooling applications. They offer compact, large package, eco and water/water heat exchanger options.

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