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VFD, 20hp, 208-240V, 3 Phase, NEMA 1, Indoor Only

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Our popular Lenze AC Tech SMVector series is designed for motor applications that need dynamic speed and torque control. They are ideal for conveyors, food production lines, packaging equipment plus fan and pump systems.

The NEMA 1 version is available in:

  • Single phase, 120/240V, .33 to 1.5hp
  • Single/3 phase, 200/240V, .33 to 3hp
  • 3 phase, 200/240V, 1.5 to 20hp
  • 3 phase, 400/480V, .5 to 60hp
  • 3 phase, 480/600V, 1 to 60hp

Options include:

  • Remote Keypad allows operation from up to 30 m from drive, cubicle mountable, IP65 rating
  • Extended I/O modules can extend the standard drive I/O by up to 1 extra programmable form C relay output and 2 extra digital inputs
  • External Dynamic Braking Unit for drives rated up to 22 kW (30 kW include brake transistor as standard)
  • External EMC filter to meet EN61800-3 (First and second environment, category C1 and C2)
  • EEPM1RA - EPM programmer enables you to easily duplicate , read, edit and archive the memory and configuration of the SMVector drives

This series is also available in NEMA 4X indoor and NEMA 4X outdoor models.

Whether your application automates a single machine or an entire facility, the SMVector is fully equipped to make the process a breeze. 

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Series Features Include:

High-performance SMVector IP31 frequency inverters for controlled motion.

Performance data:

  • Line voltage: 1 AC 120/240 V: 0.34 to 1.5 hp (0.25 to 1.1 kW) / 1.7 to 6 A
  • Line voltage: 1/3 AC 200/240 V: 0.34 to 3.0 hp (0.25 to 2.2 kW) / 1.7 to 9.6 A
  • Line voltage: 3 AC 200/240 V: 5.4 to 20 hp (4 to 15 kW) / 16.5 to 54 A
  • Line voltage: 3 AC 400/480 V: 0.50 to 60 hp (0.37 to 45 kW) / 1.1 to 88 A
  • Line voltage: 3 AC 600 V: 1.0 to 60 hp (0.75 to 45 kW) / 1.7 to 62 A

Particularly suitable for: turntables in the field of intralogistics, production lines in the food industry and industrial manufacturing operations.


  • Connections: start/stop, analog input, freely programmable digital inputs and outputs (4/1)
  • Communication: ModBus/RS-485, CANopen, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS
  • Enclosure NEMA 1 IP31