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Instruction manuals are great, they’re chock full of the technical data we need to get a drive set up…

…after maybe 120+ pages of information you weren’t looking for, right?

AC Tech/Lenze has made things easy by creating an extensive library of video guides for their popular SMV variable frequency drive series

Initial Setup and Installation

This section of videos for the SMV series reviews: 

  • Mounting and Installation
  • Operation Modes & Calibration
  • Keypad & Terminal Strip Setup
  • Remote Keypad Installation & Programming
  • Introduction to the Parameter Menus
  • Setting Up Forward-Reverse Operation
  • How to Disable the Default Password Protection

Troubleshooting and Safety Guidelines

Have an error code or need to double check whether your SMV drive can operate at certain levels? Check out these videos that go over:

  • Error Status Cause & Remedy
  • Motor Overload Setup & Troubleshooting
  • Safe Practices Pt. 1 – Wiring Guidelines
  • Safe Practices Pt. 2 – About Generators & Multiple VFDs
  • Safe Practices Pt. 3 – Noise Isolation & Cables

Parameters and Accessories Setup

Now for the fun stuff! Once you’ve completed your initial setup and checked your safety requirements, we can get into configuring parameters and adding accessories. 

  • How to Setup Vector Speed Mode
  • Setting up Manual Potentiometer & Start-Stop Switch
  • How to Install an RFI Filter
  • Setting up MOP External Speed Control Operation
  • How to Setup Parameters for 50 Hz Operation
  • How to Setup Parameters for 60 Hz Operation

Still stumped? Our customer service representatives are here to help! Contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist you in finding the right information for your SMV drive.

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