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Alt: This is the Latest Version of F510-4050-C3-U


VFD, 460V, 3 Phase, 50hp, 72A, VT, NEMA 1, Fan and Pump

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Our Teco F510 series has many enhanced features, including:

  • Upgraded CPU design on control board
  • Frames 2 through 5 will have a DC bus connection P1/P2 added for customers to install a DC reactor - these models include 230V and 460V, 5 to 50hp
  • Expansion slot for optional I/O and communication cards
  • Ability to power on control board with 24VDC optional expansion card
    Removable control wiring terminal strip
  • Reduction in physical frame size (see tech note under 'Documents')
  • The F510 series a fan and pump AC Drive that is easily configured and will control almost any application involving fans, blowers, and centrifugal pumps. It comes standard with a simple-to-select preset application parameter for commonly applied fan and pump applications. 

This drive is designed to regulate up to four pumps to operate at optimum efficiency with an optional card for control of up to 8 pumps. With easy plug and play technology this drive was designed for high functionality in the following industries and applications:

  • Wastewater industries, cooling towers, industrial pumping, irrigation and many more!

Additional Features Include:

  • 3 phase, available in 230 or 460V2 analog output Pulse input and pulse output signals230VAC, 5 to 150 hp (14.5 to 400 Amps) 460VAC, 5 to 250 hp (9.2 to 328 Amps)
  • Controls induction or permanent magnet motors
  • Variable torque drive
  • F510 drives have a standard RS485 port with RTU Modbus Metasys and BACNet protocols
  • Optional card for Profibus Communications is available (JN5-CM-PDP)
  • F510 drives include a standard LCD keypad
  • Optional LED keypad is available (JN5-OP-F01)
  • NEMA adapter kits are available for larger size drives that are built as IP00 units

In 2020 the F510 series added new features and switched to a -UE version (was -U) .

Series Features Include:

  • Control Modes for V/F, Sensorless Vector, Sensorless Vector with Permanent Magnet Motor
  • Built-in PLC as Standard
  • Operation and Engineering Units Standard
  • LCD Keypad with Remote Mounting Capabilities
  • PID Control with Advanced Diagnostics and Sleep Mode
  • 1 to 150 HP (Variable Torque), 230V, 50/ 60Hz, 3-Phase
  • 1 to 800 HP (Variable Torque), 460V, 50/ 60Hz, 3-Phase
  • Plenum Rated
  • Diagnostics Registers for Troubleshooting
  • Flexible Input/ Output Configurations that Incorporate Normally Open or Normally Closed Signals
  • 0 to 400 Hz Speed Range
  • Built-in Modbus, BACnet, and Metasys (N2) Protocols via (RS485 or RJ45 Interface)
  • Enhanced Design for Smoother and Quieter Motor Operation
  • Real Time Clock ( Standard on Models with LCD Keypad )
  • PTC Input Available for Direct Thermal Protection of the Motor
  • Thermal Management on the Heat Sink for Overtemperature Fault Avoidance
  • Master-Follower Control Mode Built-in
  • EMI Protection that Complies with EM61800-3 with Optional Filter
  • EMS Protection that Follows EN61800-3
  • UL, cUL, and CE Approved