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Teco Westinghouse has been upgrading and replacing a number of their drives, so we wanted to create a handy dandy cheat sheet for our customers.

  • MA7200 ending in -N1 (NEMA 1) were replaced by the F510 Series
  • MA7200 ending in -N4 (NEMA 4/12) were replaced by the E510 Series

PA7300 was first replaced by the EQ5 and is now the EQ7 Series

The JNEV Series was replaced by the L510 Series

Back in 2015 Teco discontinued their JNEV series and replaced it with their new and improved L510 series. Check out the differences below!

Feature L510 Series EV/JNEV Series
Digital Inputs 5 with configurable and NO/NC designation 4 configurable inputs
Analog Inputs Two; 1 at 0-10V, 1 at 4-20mA One only – select between 0-10V or 4-20mA
LED Keypad 5 digit display with scaling and diagnostics monitoring 3 digit display, minimal monitoring capabilities beyond Hz display
Communications Modbus (Standard), option for Ethernet, DeviceNet Modbus (Standard)
Digital Frequency Setting Resolution 0.01Hz 0.1Hz
Speed Range 0 to 650Hz 0 to 200Hz

Crossing over to the L510 series is easy!

Simply take your JNEV part number and swap out the JNEV with L510 and then add a -U to the end of the part number.

Also, the initial L510 drives ended in -N and were labeled ‘TECO‘, they then changed to a -U which was labeled ‘TECO Westinghouse‘. There is no other difference between the -N and -U.


***Please note: Physical dimensions will differ between the original EN/JNEV and updated L510 series models. Please refer to the L510 Spec Sheet for a full listing of dimensions.

MA7200 ending in -N1 (NEMA 1) were replaced by the F510 Series

MA7200 ending in -N4 (NEMA 4/12) were replaced by the E510 Series

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