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Alt: RK Series


SSR, 2-Pole, Common Control, Zero Cross (ZC), 600VAC (42-660VAC) 50/60Hz, 50AAC, Plug

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Two poles in a single housing - basically two solid state relays in one 45mm wide housing!

Our Carlo Gavazzi RK Series is a solid state relay that has two poles in a single housing. It gives the option of having the two poles controlled independently (RKD2 models) or both poles at the same time (RK2 models). The latter offers a cost effective solution for economy switching of 3-phase loads.

This series is ideal for reliable switching of resistive loads.

This new series extends the current ratings of two pole solid state relays to 75 AAC per pole with a proper heat sink and provides output screw terminals for secure connectivity of cables with ferrules, ring or fork terminals. The RK Series comes with features that provide time-saving installation and a reduction in downtime, thanks to trouble-free solid state operation, during the lifetime of the SSR. It conforms to global standards such as UL 508, CSA C22.2 and EN 60947-4-3; therefore, it can be used globally in applications/markets involving switching of resistive heating elements, i.e. Food and Beverage, Plastic and Rubber, Semiconductor, HVAC, and others.

 See Carlo Gavazzi's introduction to their RK Series relay below!

Features Include:

  • Two pole switching, up to 75A per pole
  • 600VAC output voltage rating
  • 4-32VDC control
  • Options for common or independent output control
  • Plug or connector control terminal
  • Pre-attached thermal pad
  • UL recognized, CSA and VDE approved and CE marked
  • UL 100,000 cycle endurance test according to UL508