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Solid State Relays are found in almost every industrial application and Carlo Gavazzi is a leader in this market.

What Makes Carlo Gavazzi Solid State Relays Stand Out?

Carlo Gavazzi SSRs are available in a wide range of input ratings, output switching options, and optional heatsinks; all while featuring ‘Direct Copper Bonding’ to provide improved protection against thermal stress.

In addition, Carlo Gavazzi offers relays with built-in monitoring for mains loss, load loss, SSR short circuit, open circuit and over-temperature with a relay output to allow measures to be taken immediately.

Three different types of Carlo Gavazzi Solid State Relay

Want an official certification in Carlo Gavazzi Solid State Relays? They’ve prepared a series of Learning Modules which provides an overview of the fundamental operation and applications for their solid state relays. Check out the modules below and receive your certificate after completion!

What Kind of Applications Do Carlo Gavazzi Solid State Relays Work In?

Plastics and Rubber

Carlo Gavazzi Solid State Relays are known for their high reliability and long electrical life, making them ideal as heating element control in extrusion and injection equipment for plastics, rubber, and other synthetic materials. Limiting machine breakdowns and maintenance offers long term savings in cost of ownership.

HVAC and Refrigeration

Low maintenance and quiet operation makes Carlo Gavazzi SSRs ideal for controlling fan motors and valves, duct heaters, air conditioning and heat pumps in commercial and industrial HVAC/R systems. This also allows them to be suited for temperature regulation in water heaters, grocery store coolers, freezers, and display cases.

Packaging and Material Handling

A capacity for shock and vibration resistance is preferred choice for conveyor systems, wrapping machines, palletizers, and other high activity equipment. Carlo Gavazzi’s high endurance SSRs operate with extremely fast switching, high reliability, and long operational life boosting productivity while keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

Pumping Systems

Solid State Relays with horsepower ratings are ideal for regulating valves, controlling motors, and operating pumps in the oil and gas, irrigation, and water/wastewater industries. Certain Carlo Gavazzi SSRs have options for zero switching, soft start, and proportional output control for increased efficiency. 

Food and Beverage

Due to their low power consumption, reliability and extended operating life; Carlo Gavazzi SSRs are ideal for regulating heating elements in ovens, deep fat fryers, coffee makers, toasters, steamers, warming trays, electric grills, and other commercial equipment. This leads to energy conservation, a reduction in downtime and maintenance and improved operational costs. 

Lighting Systems

Due to their silent operation, fast switching, and extended electrical life, SSRs are the primary choice for theatrical, warehouse, and commercial lighting. SSRs with proportional output control broadens the appeal for SSRs for applications, that require dimming or flashing in a specific sequence.

How Do You Properly Select a Solid State Relay?

Thankfully Carlo Gavazzi has laid out the selection process in six easy steps:

1. How will your SSR be mounted/installed?

2. How many poles do you wish to switch?

3. What type of load do you have?

4. What is your load voltage and current?

5. What is the control voltage or input signal to turn on the SSR?

6. What is the control voltage or input signal to turn on the SSR?

Click to read Carlo Gavazzi’s full guide to Properly Selecting Solid State Relays.

With such a wide range of options available, these solid state relays are an ideal solution for tons of applications. Want to learn even more about SSRs? Check out our blog “How Do Solid State Relays Work?” or visit Carlo Gavazzi’s comprehensive guide to learn even more about their different SSR series.

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