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Alt: VBA-2E2A-G12-ZAJ/EA2L AS-Interface, Pricing Valid on Overstock Only


AS-Interface Sensor/Actuator Module, VBA-2E2A-G12-ZAJ/EA2L, G12 Flat Module, 2 Inputs (PNP) and 2 Electronic Outputs, IP67, Returns of This Item Must Be Approved by Manufacturer, Pricing Valid on Overstock Only

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Features Include:

  • Auxiliary voltage (output): 24 V DC ± 15 % PELV
  • Rated operating voltage: 26.5 - 31.6 V from AS-Interface
  • Rated operating curren:t ≤ 40 mA (without sensors) / max. 240 mA
  • Surge protection: UAUX, Uin: Over voltage category III, safe isolated power supplies (PELV) derived from mains up to 300 V AC line-to-neutral
  • Connection: Cable piercing method, flat cable yellow/flat cable black, inputs/outputs: M12 round connector
  • A/B node with extended addressing possibility for up to 62 nodes
  • One-piece housing with stainless steel base
  • Installation without tools
  • Metal threaded inserts with SPEEDCON technology
  • Flat cable connection with cable piercing technique, variable flat cable guide
  • Red LED per channel, lights up in the event of output overload
  • Communication monitoring, configurable
  • Inputs for 2-, 3-, and 4-wire sensors
  • DIN rail mounting
  • AS-Interface certificate