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Let’s start with what PRT stands for which is pulse ranging technology. It is a technology that Pepperl+Fuchs created based on time-of-flight measurement.

I’m guessing that didn’t clear it right up so let’s dive deeper.

Pulse ranging technology gives you a continuous measurement of a target’s distance by using the speed of light as a constant while sending out extremely short, but powerful, pulses of light and calculating the duration between the time a pulse is sent and the time it is received.

Basically the sensor will send bursts of light that will travel to the object, bounce off the surface and go back to the sensor. This gives you highly accurate positioning over large distances, ranging from a millimeters to several hundred meters!

Sensors using PRT offer wider measuring and detection ranges and are very precise. Another benefit is they are not affected by external light or variations in reflection characteristics.

Ideal for distance measurement and for detecting the presence/absence of objects.

How does PRT stand out against other types of sensing technology?


  • Direct measurement method delivers precise, reliable, and clear measurements
  • Greater accuracy over longer distances
  • No offset of the measured value during prolonged operation
  • Clear measurement result, even when several targets are present in the detection range


  • High degree of immunity to extraneous light
  • No mutual interference
  • Minimal susceptibility to changes in the measurement path caused by environmental influences
  • Reliable suppression of interfering influences such as dust or fog
  • Reliable blanking of objects in the distant background


  • Little influence on the properties of the object, practically no black-white difference
  • Reliable operation, even in applications in the frozen storage sector at temperatures to -30 °C
  • Fully capable of detecting multiple targets, can be used in safety-critical applications

Our Pepperl+Fuchs VDM28 series offers PRT. Using the VDM28 with PRT you can teach the discrete output to turn on or off at a certain distance. You can also have it turn on or off throughout a specific sensing range. You can use this for simple presence detection or for advanced sensing of background and foreground suppression.

In addition to the P+F VDM28 series, these other products also offer PRT; VDM100, R2000 2-D laser scanner and R2100 multi-ray LED scanner.

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