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Good Question? Internally, our pet name for this side of business for PEPPERL+FUCHS is the “Dark Side.” This isn’t necessarily because we view them as the EMPIRE, but because it used to be a bigger mystery side of Pepperl+Fuchs. Not exactly the environment that we or our customer base were very familiar with.

So let’s break this down, what exactly does Pepperl+Fuchs’ have PROCESS AUTOMATION DIVISION?

Well, to start…this division includes: intrinsic safety, surge protection and signal conditioning products to name a few. The not-so “dark side” also boasts a large portfolio of intrinsically safe explosion components such as isolated barriers, fieldbus infrastructure solutions, remote I/O systems, HART interface solutions, level measurement devices, purge/pressurization systems, industrial monitors, HMI solutions, power supplies, separator alarm systems for oil and petrol separators, signaling equipment.

Traditionally this division is best known for supplying products to the Mining, Oil & Gas industries; which historically haven’t been Marshall Wolf’s target market, though we do tend to service local oil refineries that may need MRO replacement products.  The larger markets for us would be any manufacturer in dangerous production environments, such as paint, stain or chemical manufacturers; who seem to be more plentiful in our local market. 

We normally see the largest demand in the intrinsically safe barrier market as well as purge and pressurization systems that allow non-specialty electrical components to be used in an electrical enclosure; a very nice way to accomplish the goal.

Other growth markets include the industrial monitors and HMI solutions where that level of safety is required on the production floor. The final larger market for us would be Ex. proof type visual signaling devices which can usually be in high demand due to the OEM and MRO markets. 

If you would ever like to take a journey through the catalog from PEPPERL+FUCHS you might want to site aside some time as the catalog is 735 pages long.  War and Peace might be the shorter read.

Still have questions about Pepperl+Fuchs’ Process Automation Division? Feel free to email our Tech Support or our Sales Team or call us at (847) 658-8130 and we’d be happy to help you “join the darkside,” they apparently have cookies! 

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