Alt: WD Wireless Series


Wireless Ø60mm Data Transmitter for LR6 Signal Tower, WD System - Wireless Data Acquisition, Transmitter Must Be used with a WD Receiver (WDR-LE-Z2-PRO or WDR-LE-Z2-PRO-L) and LR6 Light Tower

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1 unit
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Transmitter must be used with a WD receiver (WDR-LE-Z2-PRO or WDR-LE-Z2-PRO-L) and LR6 light tower

Patlite WDT-Z2 transmitters:

  • Available in diameters of 40, 50 and 60mm options (to be used with Patlite light towers LR4, LR5, LR6, LE, LME series)
  • Attaches to signal towers to wirelessly transmit machine status data to WDR receiver (WDR-LE-22-PRO or WDR-LE-22-PRO-L)

The WD systems consists of:  Patlite SIgnal Tower + WD Transmitter (WDT-xx-Z2) + WD Receiver (WDR-LE-Z2-PRO)

How to use: Attach transmitter module above the base of the Signal Tower and below the LED modules to transmit machine status data to the WD Receiver for real-time monitoring and data collection for analysis, predictive maintenance, and optimizing equipment efficiency.

WDT transmitters:

  • WDT-5E-Z2 - for LE legacy towers
  • WDT-6M-Z2 - for LME legacy towers
  • WDT-4LR-Z2 - for LR4 40mm light towers
  • WDT-5LR-Z2 - for LR5 50mm light towers
  • WDT-6LR-Z2 - for LR6 60mm light towers
  • WDT-6LR-Z2-PRO - for LR6 60mm light towers - must be used with WDB-D80S-PRO base unit
    • 8 points of contact input for acquiring up to 765 data codes
    • Barcode reader can be added to base unit for easy serial communication
    • WDT PRO transmitter must always be used with WDB-PRO base unit

WDR-PRO Receivers:

  • WDR-LE-22-PRO or WDR-LE-22-PRO-L (Lite version)
  • Receive data from up to 30 transmitters
  • Output CSV files from transmitted data for analysis
  • Remotely monitor operations via Andon display
  • Run multiple applications simultaneously (not available in Lite version)

WD system Setup Software:

  • WD system CSV data logger software license WDS-WIN01
  • Used to acquire and download CSV file containing machine status data. Must be used with WD transmitter attached to a Patlite signal tower and a WD receiver

The WD System enables wireless data acquisition of equipment statuses, regardless of the machine’s age or model. Users can obtain real-time statuses and monitor their equipment remotely. This data can be collected and analyzed to improve predictive maintenance, identify bottlenecks and maximize OEE.

Compatible signal towers include LR4, LR5, LR6, LE, LME series