Alt: SSW7000C Series


Soft Starter, 2300V, 3 Phase, 60Hz, 500hp, 373kW, 2.3kV, (110VAC, 1 Phase), NEMA 12, Medium Voltage

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1 unit
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Current ratings of SSW7000C must be calculated based on the load type, load speed/torque curve and required number of starts per hour.

Weg's SSW7000C series of medium voltage soft starters provide start/stop control and protection for three-phase induction and synchronous motors. They will prevent mechanical shocks to the drivetrain and protect the motor against related burnouts or current surges in the power supply.

Standard features of the SSW7000C:

  • Motor voltages available: 2.3kV (2300V) or 4.16kV (4160V)
  • 400 to 3500 hp
  • NEMA 12, IP41
  • HMI with graphic LCD
  • Main and bypass vacuum contactors
  • Medium voltage fuses
  • Soft PLC function
  • License free programming software - SuperDrive and WLP
  • 5 start modes
  • Flexible torque control
  • Overload capacity of 400% for 20 seconds (2x/hour duty cycle)
  • Motor protection
  • Bumpless starting

The motor power ratings given are based on Weg 4-pole motors, 4.16kW, 60Hz, PF=0.87, Eff=0.97, SF=1. For applications with high overloads or special starting conditions please contact us.

Current ratings of SSW7000C must be calculated based on the load type, load speed/torque curve and required number of starts per hour.

Standard control voltage is 110V, 1 phase - all models are available in 220V, 1 phase control voltage. Please contact us.

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized WEG distributor!

Features Include:

  • Power Supply 2300Vac: (-60% to +10%) or (920 to 2530Vca)
  • Power Supply 4160Vac: (-60% to +10%) or (2760 to 4576Vca)
  • Frequency: (50 to 60Hz): (±10%) or (45 to 66Hz)
  • Motor voltage: 2.3kV, 4.16kV
  • Maximum Number of Starts: 5 starts in 2 hours (One start every 30 minutes)
  • Control Methods: Voltage ramp., Current limitation., Pump control., Torque control., Current ramp.
  • Protection Degree: NEMA12, IP 41
  • Operating interface (HMI) with graphic LCD
  • Main and bypass vacuum contactors
  • Power and control insulated by fiber optics
  • Soft PLC Function
  • Motor thermal protection: PT100 (accessory), 8 Channels
  • Ground Fault Protection: Standard
  • 5 start modes
  • Network communication boards (accessories): DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, Ethernet and Modbus, RS-232 or RS-485
  • Flexible Torque Control (FTC), by employing torque estimation using vector control principle and measurement of input voltage, output voltage and output current. This provides more accurate torque set-points, compared to estimating torque values only via current measurement.
  • Active Protection offers complete motor protection in DOL START and RUN mode. This eliminates need for any expensive motor protection relays for backup protection.
  • Optimized heat-sink design for balanced, compact cooling
  • Power stacks are light weight, independent phase modules for ease of handling
  • Ground Fault protection is standard
  • Flexible Thermal Class Curve setup & selection that eliminates need for third party expensive protection relays
  • Soft PLC function with license-free software
  • Nickel plated bus bars and bus-stub connections provide corrosion resistance and ensure proper electrical connection
  • Power connection terminals for TOP or BOTTOM motor connection
  • Operator Interface (keypad, parameter setup) is identical to that of WEG’s low voltage starter product line