Alt: AUL Series


Rotary Phase Converter, UL Listed, 240V, 20hp, Indoor, Wall Mount, Premium Feet

274.00 LBS
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1 unit
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Most American Rotary items will ship in 1 to 2 days from Wisconsin. If you require a liftgate please put a note in 'comments', there will be a $69 charge. Please read 'Description' below for notes on starting hp rating and flat rate shipping..

Please note the American Rotary part number designates generating motor horsepower only, actual starting hp rating is half of what the model number states. Please contact our in-house technical support if you need assistance with sizing.

You will see a 'due to weight' message for shipping charges at checkout, customer service will then confirm the following rates (currently effective January 2023) to you:

    • 5 to 10hp (i.e. AD05, AD10) $109
    • 15 to 20 $249
    • 25 to 50 $349
    • 60 to 75 $449
  • All AMP models: $399.00
  • All AI Models: $449.00
  • Transformers: >150lbs $249, 151 to 250 lbs, $399, >350lbs $449


This series can generally ship in 1 to 2 days and will ship direct from the factory in Wisconsin.

A quick overview of the Amercian Rotary phase converter models:

  • AD Series - General purpose phase converter that includes a microsmart controller to monitor voltage every millisecond, offers precise control and better voltage balance. This converter is best for voltage sensitive and medium duty applications that includes CNC, welders and ovens. 
  • ADX Series - The ADX includes all of the features and benefits of the AD series but also has the CTR (current transient reactor) and heavy duty oil filled capacitors. Higher amounts of current can be drawn for higher torque. This series is best for hard starting loads like air compressors, refrigeration apps and wide belt sanders.
  • AUL Series- The AUL has all the features of the ADX series but with added components to not only meet but exceed UL safety guidelines. Includes all UL certification. UL licensed units may be required by your stat or local inspector.
  • AI-PAD Series - The AI-PAD series was designed for industrial and agricultural applications and is NEMA 3R rating for outdoor applications. Available from 3 to 150 hp as standard, higher horsepower models are also available.

All American Rotary phase converters are designed and manufactured in Wisconsin! They have a 5 year warranty on the converter itself and a 2 year warranty on the electric generator.

Previous updates:

Effective January 2021, American Rotary products no longer qualify for free shipping. 

You can mount most American Rotary panels upright, at any angle or even upside down! A floor mount kit is available as an accessory.

American Rotary partnered with Baldor Electric to supply their custom-engineered idler/generators. This partnership led to the design of their custom induction generator for phase conversion which reduced inrush current on start-up so drastically that the induction generator was granted a Soft Start rating! 

*Effective January 14, 2020 the 5, 10 and 15 open drop indoor models now have double shielded bearings. This means you will not need grease as they are now non-greasable.

*As of January 1st, 2020 American Rotary products that are 20hp or below qualify for free economy shipping. Products will ship from Wisconsin, generally within 1 to 2 days. 25 to 40 hp will be $149 shipping, 50 hp and up will be $199 for shipping.  **Effective January 2021, they no longer offer free shipping.

**All orders placed for AD/ADX phase converters after October 11th, 2019 will not be UL Listed. This is due to a change in UL guidelines. If you require UL please let us know and we can quote you for UL and mark your order accordingly. Thank you!**

Series Features Include:

  • Current limiting soft starting idler / generator made exclusively by Baldor
  • Built-in starter with power guard restart protection
  • Virtually zero harmonic content
  • Industrial Control Circuit - the single phase power remains on even when the rotary phase converter is in the off position, allowing you to activate any single phase control circuits, DRO’s or other single phase features on your three phase equipment
  • Balanced voltages for voltage sensitive equipment
  • Convenient terminal blocks for easy connections
  • Separate control panel and Idler / generator for optimum space saving installation
  • Built in power factor correction
  • Loads can be located a large distance from the converter.
  • American Rotary rotary phase converters should be wired by an experienced and qualified electrician into a single phase circuit with proper breaker protection.
  • American Rotary rotary phase converters can run any type of load, resistive, inductive, multiple motor, and in any combination and or number.