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Alt: IF5 Series


Multi-Color LED Light Tower 55mm, Buzzer, 110VAC, IP65, Five Colors in One!

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Looking for a low-cost multi-color single stack light? You found it!

Our new Altech IF5 series gives you a number of options:

  • Available in multi-color (IF5M), single-color (IF5x) or for PLC applications (IF5P, 24VDC only)
  • 24V AC/DC, 110VAC or 230VAC (IF5P for PLC apps in 24VDC only)
  • All lights are continuous or flashing (flashing and normal LED mode in one module!)
  • Please note that if you are using a 'P' version for PLC's it will only flash when used with a PLC
  • Buzzer option available, 90db (Z in part number)
  • M22 x 1.5mm mounting option
  • Available with 20mm pole and base (IKAM06) or 500mm pole with base (IKAM04), both will require IFAB01 (pipe adapter)

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized Altech distributor!

  • Multi-function LED signal tower
  • 55mm
  • 5 colors in one unit (IF5M series!
  • IF5M includes white, red, blue, yellow and green
  • Also available in single color - IF5x (x= color)
  • IF5P is multi-color, 5 colors in one for PLC applications
  • All models include continuous and flashing mode
  • Buzzer option available, 90db (Z in part number)
  • Direct mount with pole and base accessory - IFAB01 with IKAM06 or IKAM04