What are Light Towers?

What are Light Towers?

Posted by Marshall Wolf on Feb 16th 2022

Stack lights, light towers, indicator lights, warning lights, industrial signal lights; we could go on about the naming of these products; but you get the picture.


These industrial light towers are used to alert or grab the attention of an operator in order to get them to respond to an issue on the line. They can also be used to show things are running well or that things are going to need attention very soon.

The modular design of these towers makes considering your project needs all the more necessary. Vendors such as IDEC, Pfannenberg, Patlite, Menics, and Werma all feature different audible alarms, strobe patterns, networking capabilities, mounting options and more.

With so many options to choose from, finding the right stack light can seem daunting. Not to fear! We’re going to review the most common attributes to consider when buying a light tower, and where to find them!


Let’s start with light tower colors and alarm standards based on the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC/EN 60073 recommendations:


Typically utilizing LED, incandescent, or xenon-type illumination; most light towers now come with optional strobe patterns which can either be hard wired or programmed in. These patterns can come in very handy when the environment is especially noisy.

Another factor to consider on the visual signal side is ambient lighting. A common issue users face is sunlight and how it will cause the tier to appear lit up even when it actually is not. The solution is to look for a light tower with a clear lens that uses LED illumination. This design allows for sunlight to pass through the top clear lens while allowing for the internal LEDs to shine bright. 


More Options to Consider:

Light Towers From:

Altech Corp.







After considering what the stack light does, we also must think about how and where it will be installed. It’s important to balance location, proper protection and the correct electrical specifications while deciding which signal tower is right for you. 


As you can see, Light Towers are a effective way to communicate a number of signals easily to any user. Check out Marshall Wolf Automation’s full selection here or contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you find the right product for your next project.