The Great 'WEGO' Race

The Great 'WEGO' Race

Posted by Theresa Hoffman on Jun 20th 2024

Like many areas, regardless of your provider, the internet can have a mind of its own.

One minute it's blazing fast, the next... kaput. That's exactly what happened at our Main Street office.

The internet went down completely. So, what did we do in this connectivity crisis? We busted out the WEG build your own model motor assembly kits they gifted us, formed teams, and the race was on!



Kayleigh, Jayden, Stephanie, Ilanka

Dave, Cindi, Ashley B.


Get ready, set...GO!

Team 1, a confident group of four, seemed to have the upper hand. But Team 2, fueled by cheers from Cindi and Dave, had Ashley B. working like a lightning bolt!

A runaway piece nearly tripped up Team 1, and that might have been the deciding factor.

Congratulations to Team 2 for pulling off the win!