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The fun part about being a distributor is hearing from our customers about their application requirements, then being able to choose from a variety of products that would meet their needs.

It’s also a great learning opportunity to see them in action. Therefore, we headed to Process Expo at McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago.


Theresa (Content Marketing Coordinator) and Richie (Technical Sales Specialist)- Meet Our Team

When you hear that you’re going to a food processing show, you might think at first ” I don’t want to know!” But once you’re there and actually see the technology, it’s very fascinating.

For example, one of the first booths we approached was for a dehydrator application.

Did you know there is such a thing as pickle chips? – That was a new one for me!

The manufacturer was talking to Tim Springer in our technical support about how he can regulate the internal temperature of the product while it’s in process of dehydrating the food.

They were able to discuss a Pepperl+Fuchs option, exchanged cards and we were moving along!


                   Image by Freezin’ Good

I was particularly excited to see the Novus N1200-HC that we were able to spec in for a customer.

The customer had contacted us with an emergency, their smoke machine line was down and they needed a temperature controller.

The original controller they were using was a long lead time and we came up with an alternative solution to get them back up and running!

I walked a lap or two in and around the machine before I finally found it. The sense of urgency made a lot more sense.

I found myself being pulled into just about every booth, not by a sales person, but by the components on the machines. 

Checking out the variety of pushbuttons / emergency stops , safety switches, sensors and light towers, we found just about every product we offer out in the field. 

Some of the more popular light towers and beacons were Patlite and Werma

We paid close attention to the labels on most of the components to see where we could help!

At the end of the show we came across a manufacturer that makes a range of blowers, vacuum compressors and pumps.

A Delta drive drew us in for some details on the machines and a conversation about Chicago weather since the company was located in Texas.

Overall we saw a lot of great opportunities as an authorized distributor of so many quality products from our manufacturers!

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