NEW From Pfannenberg: Green Series Recessed Cooling Units

NEW From Pfannenberg: Green Series Recessed Cooling Units

Posted by Theresa Hoffman on Apr 5th 2024

Pfannenberg’s commitment to protecting the environment goes beyond just meeting regulations.

Their management, staff and manufacturing processes are designed to benefit their customers and minimize their environmental impact. We covered how these green practices extend to their products, like the DTS cooling systems, in our blog: Green Energy Solutions from Pfannenberg.

They now expand their green offerings with the introduction of the DTI 6000 Cooling Series.

Let’s learn more about it!

Energy Efficiency

Wouldn’t it be great to save up to 11% on energy costs?

Pfanneberg DTI 6000 closed loop design can help you achieve these savings!

By circulating the air within itself, it seals out ambient air keeping out hot and dirty air that can damage sensitive electronics inside the enclosure.

Sealing out the ambient air, DTI 6000 doesn’t have to constantly work to cool down hot air coming in from outside.

Instead, it focuses on maintaining a cool temperature within the loop itself, reducing the required cooling effort.

In addition to keeping out hot air, in keeps in cool air which translates to less energy consumption and energy savings for you!

DTI 6000 reduces the amount of refrigerant used per unit by up to 58%, and can be transitioned from 400V to 460V with a simple jumper so it can be retrofitted into existing applications.

Easy Installation and Service

Ready to save money throughout the entire process?

The DTI 6000's design offers benefits from installation to maintenance. Tool-less mounting saves you time and labor during setup, and this ease of use extends to servicing the unit as well.

Simply snap the cooling unit onto the designated locations on the enclosure wall using the included brackets. The DTI 6000's main components are also easily accessible for maintenance.

This means fans, filters, and the compressor can all be readily reached without complex disassembly.

See the maintenance checklist here!

Additional Features

  • External Display – To monitor temperature
  • Thermal Overload Protection – Compressor and fan motors shut down in excessive temperatures
  • Pressure Overload Protection – High pressure cutout switch to shut off the compressor in the event of excessive pressure in the refrigeration circuit
  • Partially Recessed- For restricted spaces such as door mounting
  • Active Condensate Management- Heated condensate pan boils off condensation, eliminating the need for drain tubes and buckets

Marshall Wolf Automation is an authorized Pfannenberg distributor, contact us for more information on the new Green Series DTI 6000 Cooling Unit.