Keep Your Temperature Just Right with These Temperature Controllers

Keep Your Temperature Just Right with These Temperature Controllers

Posted by Theresa Hoffman on Sep 27th 2023

Too hot, too cold or just right?


Food Processing, refrigeration, agriculture and even medical equipment- it’s important to maintain a constant temperature in a variety of applications.


For so many reasons temperature controllers have become an amazing tool to reduce the amount of manual adjustments that need to be made to ensure the quality of products.


Reasons? What reasons?


A great one is reducing energy consumption. 


By automatically adjusting the temperatures to programmed levels, you’re actually saving money on energy bills!


Waste reduction- especially in the food industry, temperature fluctuation can cause food to spoil which can be very costly. 


Lastly, in industrial processes with extreme temperatures like welding, soldering and plastics manufacturing they can ensure operations run smoothly and safely. 

This is interesting...

Plants thrive in the perfect environment, temperature controllers can be programmed to maintain a constant temperature to keep them happy.

Features are everything!


Most temperature controllers look the same, but it’s what they are capable of that makes them stand out! Novus N1050 has some key features that will definitely grab your attention:


  • Detachable connector – this makes for easy installation, commissioning and maintenance
  • USB configuration – the device can be configured by USB with the free configuration software
  • Anti-flame material – made with UL94 V-2 flame retardant material which increases safety
  • Time and Temperature – both can be monitored through 2 relay outputs

Need more features than the average temperature controller? Maybe a module process controller would work better for you


So demanding!


For environments that need extra attention; Novus N20K48 could be a better choice.


What makes N20K48 stand out from the average temperature controller is the ability to add individual modules that can be combined.


This means they are more flexible, more customizable and a lot more complex. Chemical reactors, solar panel plants and semiconductors are all places that would need a lot of attention!


Accessory Alert! If you’re going the modular controller route, you’ll need the dock to attach any micromodules!