How VFDs Improve Your Car Wash

How VFDs Improve Your Car Wash

Posted by Beckie Sullivan on Jun 26th 2023

Have you ever considered how a VFD might have been involved in your local car wash?


Chances are you have not and you might be surprised just how involved they are in the car washing process. Thank you to Fuji Electric for a recent flyer and video they posted!

Saving Energy

VFDs (variable frequency drives) can reduce the energy consumption of the car wash equipment by adjusting the speed of the motor.


When the motor runs at a lower speed, it consumes less energy. This will save the car wash on operating costs and also reduce their carbon footprint. Win-win!


Keeps It Up and Running

VFDs keep your local car wash running but protecting the equipment from high current, voltage or torque spikes that can occur during start-up or during operation.


VFDs can keep the equipment safe from these damaging electrical conditions by controlling the voltage and current that is supplied to the motor.


Making That Car Wash Great

You wouldn’t want your car wash lagging, right?


VFDs allow the car wash to operate at optimal speed for whatever task it is performing. You might need a slower speed during the pre-wash but a higher speed for that final rinse. 


Who Wants a Noisy Car Wash?

Yep, VFDs to the rescue again. They can reduce the noise level of the car wash equipment by reducing the speed of the motor.


What Specifically Are They Used For in a Car Wash?

VFDs allow operators to adjust the flow rate and pressure of the water or cleaning solutions plus control the speed and movement of the conveyor belt your car is on.


They also regulate the speed of the air blowers and dryers as well as adjusting the brush or roller speed based on your vehicles size or shape.



  • Compact, robust design
  • 3 year standard warranty, 50C rating
  • Simple to adjust the loading on a brush to easily account for obstructions such as side-view mirrors and roof racks
  • Monitors the drives operating data which allows the car wash system manufacturer to make real-time adjustments for different vehicles
  • Greatly reduces the potential for damage to the vehicle
  • Engineered for harsh environments
  • Easy to program and trouble shoot
  • Compact, robust design
  • 3 year standard warranty, 50C rating
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Fuji Offers HMIs For Car Washes Too!

  • Remote monitoring capabilities and connectivity to popular PLCs including over 20 Ethernet drivers and 8 field bus options
  • Waterproof gasket available (required in car wash applications)
  • IP65/66 for washdown
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The bottom line is we have a full offering of variable frequency drives that can offer your car wash operators precise motor control, energy savings, soft start/stop capabilities plus advanced monitoring features.


Drives can help improve the performance of your car wash, equipment lifespan, the overall experience of your customer plus reduce your energy consumption.


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