Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

Posted by Theresa Hoffman on Jun 14th 2024

Father's Day weekend is upon us, a time to celebrate the amazing diversity of dads!

From the quiet and supportive rock to the handyman who fixes everything to the goofy jokester who keeps us laughing, there's a unique dad with every personality.

This year, we’re not only celebrating our dads love and dedication, but also sharing our stories!

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

It’s hard to believe that it has been 17 years since you have been gone. I so miss your jokes, smile and laughter.

Thank you for showing me the important things in life: helping others, acts of kindness and living a simple life.


Here is my dad with a 'windmill' he built at my parent's house.

I'll have to get an updated picture of the 'windmill' because it has a lot more accessories since he built it.

He's a tinkerer for sure:hammer_and_wrench: :heart: - Brenden

Here is my dad doing his favorite thing in the world, riding the tractor he completely rebuilt.
His buddies and him do 100 mile tractor rides, every parade they can, and of course, sadly, any funeral they are requested at.- Beckie

This is me with my Dad a “few” years ago :wink:  He was always a sharp dresser...from head to toe!  Proud Dad of 5 girls! - Lisa

Me and my Dad at church together.- Karin

The best part about this picture is seeing the softer side of my dad, he was in the Army at the time and we were stationed in Germany.- Theresa

My Dad on his wedding day, showing off his muscles and one of my favorite memories - right before he passed away. He loved our matching hair styles :heart:- Caryl

Ashley D with the special man in her life, her Grandfather ❤️

Happy Father's Day Pop!  I didn't get as much time with you as I should have, but you gave me my love of history, old war movies, my "make memories" attitude, and, perhaps the most important, my slapstick humor! - Linda