Automate 2024 - Yep, We Were There!

Automate 2024 - Yep, We Were There!

Posted by Theresa Hoffman on May 13th 2024

“Introducing yourself, representing our company, and saying ‘Hi’ to vendors is very important for our company image in the industry” – Tina Hueppe, President & CEO Marshall Wolf Automation

Equipped with this powerful message from Tina, we headed to Automate and did just that!

The Wolf Pack made a strong showing at the event!

To have some fun, we pre-planned a game of Bingo to make sure that no opportunity was missed.

Everyone had productive vendor meetings, saw our products in action, and gained valuable learning experiences.  

Here’s how it went!

Lisa, Theresa, Linda, Richie, Therese

Heather, Ilanka, Kayleigh


The Autonics booth was buzzing with activity when we found them. They showcased a wide variety of their products including e-stops, pushbuttons, power supplies and much more.

The highlight, however, was seeing MWA celebrity D-Way Lee. He’s an amazing Autonics Regional Sales Manager, and we always enjoy his visits to the office!

Ashley D., D-Way, Tim S. Caryl, Nic

Lisa, Theresa, Linda, D-Way, Therese

Marc, Beckie, D-Way, Tina

D-Way, Stephanie, Jayden, Ashley B.

Ilanka,Kayleigh, D-Way, Gina, Heather


I met with Keith Moyer, Weintek Vice President of Sales, he gave me a tour of the booth and a pointed me in the direction of the newly released MT8051ie HMI.

Similar to the CMT-X series HMI, the MT8051ie is smaller in size, and caters to more general HMI applications.

Learn more here!


Next up, was Baumer’s booth, where I spoke to Clayton Roth, Baumer Regional Sales Manager, about some of their key highlights.

We discussed the features of the IDC200 Multicode Reader, but the AX Series smart camera for AI applications really stole the show.

Learn more here!


Leuze had their ELC safety light curtains on display, which you can learn more about in our blog post 'Simplifying Safety Light Curtains.'

It was the RSL 400 Series safety scanner that grabbed our attention. According to Jonathan Baldasarra, Leuze Territory Sales Manager, this scanner has been popular with MWA customers.

Learn more here!


The Euchner booth overflowed with safety products! While testing them out, I was approached by Ricardo Davalos, Euchner's Regional Sales Manager for the Western Territory.

Euchner is particularly excited about their expanding MGB Series of multifunction gate boxes. New options are being added to this ever-growing product line on a regular basis.

Learn more here!


Pepperl+Fuchs, known for their high-quality sensors, is particularly excited about their long-range B40 UHF RFID head.

Despite its compact size, the B40 packs a punch! It can read tags from a distance, handle multiple tags simultaneously, connect to factory networks, and is both tough and compact to easily fit into busy machinery.

Learn more here!


Specializing in safety products, Schmersal covers safety in just about every aspect in any application.

To simplify the connection of safety devices, Schmersal offers the SFB-EIP safety fieldbox. This device is specifically designed for use with EtherNet/IP with CIP Safety fieldbus systems.

The SFB-EIP allows you to connect up to eight safety switches, sensors, light curtains, and control panels with emergency stop functions to the EtherNet/IP network using an M12 connector for each device. This eliminates the need for individual wiring to the control system, so it's saves time and is easy to install.

Learn more here!


Lutze Driveflex® Hydro VFD cables are a popular choice among MWA customers. Learn more about Lutze's cable solutions, connectivity products, and cabinet and control systems. Contact us!


At the Saginaw booth, they showcased their selection of electrical cabinets, particularly the heavy-duty free-standing enclosures designed for flange-mounted disconnects.

Learn more here!

Here are some comments about our experiences from the show;

I loved hearing from all the different vendors how nice it was to see everyone and how positive we were.  They were very impressed by the enthusiasm and initiative to want to learn more. “ – Tina Hueppe

“I think it was a great opportunity for everyone to get out of the office and learn more about the industry!” – Lisa Reese

“I’ve always been proud to work for MWA. But now I feel like I can represent us a little better because I have a better understanding of who we are and what we do. “ – Gina Rodriguez

“The energy and enthusiasm from all phases of our team was very clearly on display.   We showed up and left our paw prints!” – Marc Williams

“Being a distributer for these companies and actually understanding the need for drives, motors, switches etc, knowing that we are part of something bigger is amazing!!!” – Linda Jessogne

“I had a great time seeing new & exciting things, making connections, & learning how far we can grow in the near future!” – Heather Jeschke

“Being able to go and see our vendors all together was a really cool experience. Seeing all of their products in person and not just online looking at images really helps piece everything together.”- Ashley Brickwood

“I try to use trade shows as an opportunity to make connections and show potential customers where we fit into their application.” – Theresa Hoffman

“I did learn a lot from seeing the robotic machine and how they use the product we sell, and speaking to the vendors on what they do.” – Ilanka Martinez

Jayden, Stephanie, Therese, Lisa, Ashley B.

Marc, Stephanie, Jayden, Ashley B. Beckie, Tina

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Kayleigh, Heather, Gina, Ilanka