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Safety light curtains can get complicated.

It can be difficult to find the corresponding transmitter for the receiver, alignment can be tricky and installation cumbersome.

The good news is we have a solution, introducing the Leuze ELC series

Quick and Accurate Alignment

The multi-level alignment display makes commissioning these light curtains a breeze!

You can monitor the alignment result right from the transmitter using the easy to see, bright LEDs.

Rough alignment? Not a problem, it will be reliably displayed. 

Easy To Install and Connect

A swivel function allows quick alignment but even if alignment is not necessary, the sliding blocks included can be used. 

The M12 connector is easily accessible via the cable. No configuration is necessary and the connection cables need no shielding.

Shock and Vibration Proof

Between the housings made of metal throughout and their unique design, this series is extremely shock and vibration proof.

Application Example for Light Curtains

Simple Integration

It’s nice to hear that a safety light curtain is easily integrated into your machine design.

The specially designed housing on the ELC series allows flexible cable routing… in all directions.

The cable is always routed into the interior of the machine and protected at the same time.

You can also mount flush at the boundaries without any dead zones!

Leuze Point of Operation Guarding
  • Safety Type 4, SIL 3, PL e
  • 17mm (finger) resolution/3m operating range or 30mm (hand) resolution/6m range
  • 4.2 to 21ms response time
  • 300mm cable with M12 connector
  • 0 to 55°C

The ELC series of safety light curtains offer reliable finger (17mm) and hand (30mm) detection. It is ideal for guarding the point of operation of your machine or system.

The necessary distance between the protective device and the point of operation is to be as small as possible.

These light curtains can even be be used on presses or any application that has continuous impact and vibrations. They have a shock resistance of 400 m/s2.

With protective field lengths of up to 1500mm, this light curtain is able to safeguard access points to machines and systems.

Need Help Finding Your Safety Light Curtain?

You can easily shop all of our light curtains here. We are authorized, stocking distributors for our lines and work closely with the manufacturers to get you quick delivery and great pricing.

We are here to help so contact us if you need us.

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