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Alt: AC Speed Control, Chassis, Replaced 57AC10


Speed Control, Variable AC Voltage Supply, Chassis, 240VAC Supply, Full Wave, 10A (Amp) Max

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Please note that this series does not work with capacitor start motors, read more below.

The 55/57 series are cost-effective and compact triac variable AC voltage supplies that are manufactured especially for the vibratory feeder, fan, pump, heating, and lighting industries.

All models feature single-phase AC input and fully variable AC output. The enclosed version comes with a rugged housing, power on/off switch, power on indicator lamp, front access fuse, as well as convenient input and output cords and plugs.

The heart of the control is a triac fired in a manner to adjust phase and thereby vary speed. The 55 Series is designed to work with shaded pole, permanent split capacitor, permanent split-phase, universal motors or any resistive load. It is not designed for capacitor start motors.

 It also can be used with heating elements as a simple temperature control. Open chassis models include speed pot knob and dial.

The 55/57 Series AC Motor Speed control is a triac based single phase variable voltage supply. It is used primarily with single phase AC motors and universal motors that ARE NOT CAPACITOR START designs. 

  • 55AC10E- Enclosed, NEMA 1, 120V, 10 Amp, 1hp
  • 55AC15E- Enclosed, NEMA 1, 120V, 15 Amp, 1.5hp
  • 57AC10E- Enclosed, NEMA 1, 240V, 10 Amp, 2hp
  • 57AC15E- Enclosed, NEMA 1, 240V, 15 Amp, 2.5hp
  • Change E to C on any of the above for the chassis versions
  • Variable AC voltage supply
  • 240VAC input, 0 to 240VAC output, single phase
  • Maximum output amps: 15
  • Chassis version, no enclosure
  • For enclosed version please see 57AC10E