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Alt: Low Voltage PWM Motor Speed Control


DC PWM Motor Speed Control for Low Voltage Applications, Chassis, 12VDC Supply and Motor Voltage, 40ADC, Continuous Load Current

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The 65 series is a low voltage DC speed control that is offered in a few different models:

  • 65E10/20 series are compact PWM motor speed control for low voltage applications. Rated for 10 or 20 amps, 12-48VDC.
  • 65E40/60 series are compact PWM motor speed control for low voltage applications rated to 2000W, rated 12-36VDC in either 40 or 60 amps.

The 65E is considered especially useful in portable equipment and solar powered applications.

Lithium battery technology has caused an explosion in the development of low voltage battery powered options for traditionally line voltage powered equipment.

Marshall Wolf Automation is an authorized Dart Controls distributor.

Features Include:

  • Provides smooth variable speed capability for mobile equipment
  • Maintains variable speed control as batteries discharge
  • Adjustable maximum speed, minimum speed, current limit, I.R. compensation, and accel
  • Inhibit terminal permits optional start-stop without breaking battery lines
  • Speed potentiometer, knob, and dial plate included
  • Increases range or running time of battery operated equipment through high efficiency
  • Automatic current limit fold back decreases current limit to 50% of set point when heatsink temperatures reach 80°C - provides protection from overheating