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Enabling Switch, Redundant/Double, Includes Yellow Rubber Cover

Idec offers a full line of enabling and grip switches!

An enabling switch allows a machine to operate only when the switch is pressed and held in the middle position (position 2). It will disable the machine when released (position 1) or further pressed (position 3).

Enabling switches from Idec:

  • HE1B - basic switch with 1NO contact
  • HE2B - Redundant (double) switch with DPDT contact and up to 2 push and 2 return monitor contacts
  • HE3B - Rectangular push area switch with DPDT snap action contacts, 16mm panel cut out.
  • HE5B - Round pushbutton type with DPDT snap action contacts, 16mm panel cut out.
  • HE6B - 3-position enabling switch with monitoring contacts - smallest in its class!

Grip switches from Idec:

  • HE1G  - Grip-style with optional built-in e-stop
  • HE2G - Compact grip-style with optional built-in e-stop, also has lighter operating force to ON position
  • HE2G - Compact, grip-style with optional built-in e-stop

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized IDEC distributor. You can learn more about IDEC here or search all of our enabling switch here.

More Information
Part Number HE2B-M200PY
Manufacturer IDEC
Product Type Enabling Switch
Pushbutton Type See Spec
Size See Spec
NO/NC See Spec
Illuminated/Non-Illuminated Non-Illuminated
Material See Spec
Product Series See Specs
Voltage See Spec or N/A
Availability Please Contact Us
Weight - lbs. 0.100000
Base Unit of Measure Each
  • Three position functionality (OFF-ON-OFF)
  • Positive action contacts "On" (position 2) to "Off" (position 3) ensure no contact welding (per EN 60947-5-1 / IEC60947-5-1)
  • Contacts will not close when released from "Off" (pos. 3) to "Off" (pos. 1) (per IEC60204-1 ;
  • Variety of contact configurations (up to two OFF-ON-OFF and two push monitor and two return monitor)
  • Available with or without rubber cover (cover provides IP65 watertight seal)
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