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Best known for:Industrial switches (pushbuttons and estops) and general purpose relays (ice cube relays)
Our favorite product: The new PS5R-V series - consolidated two series into one!
Fun fact: Our IDEC Regional Business Manager, Roger, used to work at Marshall Wolf Automation
Newest product release: FT1A SmartAXIS HMI + PLC, PS5R-V power supplies and MicroSmart FC6A
Warranty: In general there is a one year warranty, however, certain series have a longer warranty.

Featured Products

Idec - Stepper Motor

AMCI by IDEC motion products include:

  • Controllers Stepper Motors
  • Integrated Controller/Drive Integrated Drive/Stepper Motor
  • *Integrated Controller/Drive/Stepper Motor
  • Combine these products with an IDEC FC6A PLC for an easy to implement single- and multi- axis motion control
  • AMCI is an established developer of motion control systems
Idec - FT1A-C12RA-S
SmartAXIS touchscreen controller, 12 I/O CPU, relay output, in stock and ships today!
Idec Power Supplies
  • PS5R-V Series Powr Supplies
  • 7.5 to 240 watt, single phase 
  • Available in 5, 12 and 24VDC
  • Class 1, Division 2, UL508, UL1310, Class 2
  • 5 year warranty
  • Replaced the PS5R and PS5R-S series in 2017
Idec Light Towers
  • LD6A Series Light Towers
  • Modern design and unique shape
  • 5 styles include wall mount, direct mount, frame mount and pole mount with base or L-shaped bracket
IDEC Smart Relays
  • MicroSmart FC6A - the world's first micro PLC with the power of a PAC (programmable automation controller), up to 520 digital I/O and 126 analog I/O
  • FT1A SmartAXIS controllers, ideal for applications with require limited I/O, available in 12, 24, 40 and 48 I/O
  • FL1F SmartRelay - CPU base module and digital and analog expansion modules configurable up to 60 I/O
  • Starter Kits include components that are built to work together
IDEC HMI Operator Interface
IDEC Pushbuttons
  • E-stops
    • XW and XN series are Listed by UL as category NISD emergency stop devices
    • XA and X6 series are UL NISD2 recognized
    • Use safe break action
    • Can be reset by either pulling or turning the button (push to lock, pull/turn to reset)
  • Pushbuttons & Switches
    • 16mm - X6 and XA series
    • 22mm - HW, CW, XW, TW, LW series
    • 30mm - TWTD, XN, CS, ARN series
    • Hazardous location - EU2B, EC2B series
  • Pushbutton Enclosures
    • HW1X/HW4X, FB series
IDEC General Purpose Relays
  • RV8 Series - Slim plug in relays, available in SPDT or DPDT
  • RJ Series - Plug-in blade or PCB type, SPDT or DPDT, up to 16A rated contacts
  • RL Series - Power relay, 30 amp, 1- or 2- pole 3hp/277VAC rating. Ideal for HVAC and energy management applications.
  • RU Series - Compact, plug-in relay, robotic assembled, available in DPDT (RU2, 10 amp), 4PDT (RU4, 6 amp) or RU42 (RU42, 3 amp bifurcated).
  • RR Series - Traditional power relays, 10 amp silver contacts, pin or bladt type, SPDT, DPDT or 3PDT
  • RH Series - Ice-cube relays, 10 amp, 1/2/3/4 pole, blade or PCB type
  • RY/RM Series - Mini relays, compact plug-in blade or PCB relay, 3A or 5A gold contacts
  • Search all IDEC general purpose relays
IDEC Solid State Relays
  • RSS series hockey puck solid state relays
  • 10 to 90 amp, single phase
  • Available in AC or DC input
  • Zero-voltage turn-on
  • Competitively priced, readily available
IDEC Photoelectric Sensors
  • SA1E series available in convergent beam, polarized retroreflective, diffuse-reflective, transparent and small-beam reflective
  • Sensing ranges between 10 meters (through-beam) and 50-100mm (small-beam reflective)
  • IP67, water resistant
IDEC Indicator Lights
Idec Enabling Switch
  • Enabling switches - HE1B, HE2B, HE3B, HE5B, HE6B
  • Grip switches - HE1G, HE2G
IDEC Interlock Switch
  • HS6B subminiature, 2 or 3 contacts, integrated cable, plastic body
  • HS5B miniature, 2 contacts, screw termination, plastic body
  • HS5D miniature, 2 or 3 contacts, screw termination, metal or plastic head
  • HS1B full size, 2 contacts, screw termination, die-cast aluminum body
  • HS2B full size, 1NC/1NO contact, with or without indicator
Idec Timers
  • GT3A series - multi-mode/multi-range timer
  • GT3F series - True power off delay timer with 5A contacts
  • GT3S series - Star Delta timer with 5A contacts
  • RTE series - multi-mode/multi-range timer with 10A contacts
  • GT5P/GT5Y/GE1A - single function timers
  • Search all IDEC timers

Legacy Series

  • 2017: PS5R and PS5R-S power supplies were replaced with the PS5R-V series
  • End of 2016: Idec changed all product colors of Automation products to black (i.e. gray SH sockets are now black). Full announcement here.
  • HG2G-5ST and HG2G-SB are now HG2G-5T series
  • FC4A-C and FC5A-C will be discontinued in 2018, the replacement is the FC6A series
  • The HW1P-5Q7-* incandescent pilot lights were replaced by the HW1P-5Q4-* LED series
  • IDEC LT7 light towers are replaced by the LD6A series

IZUMI Company was founded in 1945 by Izumi Shokai and originally started in the wholesale of electric devices. By 1947 they began to manufacture and sell switches, however, they continued to expand their products over the coming years.

Their US office, IDEC Systems & Controls Co., was opened in 1975 and is currently located in Sunnyvale, CA. They renamed this to IDEC Corporation in 1986.

In 2007 IDEC USA partnered with Datasensor, a leading sensor manufacturer headquartered in Italy. We can offer you most of the Datasensor line as well.
Their corporate headquarters is in Osaka, Japan.
Most Popular Series
IDEC PS5R-V Series Power Supply

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