Product Update: Hitachi WJ200 Series

Product Update: Hitachi WJ200 Series

Posted by Theresa Hoffman on Feb 14th 2024

Attention Hitachi WJ200 Series users!


Hitachi has announced the phase out of WJ200 series. But don’t worry, they’ve already introduced the WJ-C1 as its replacement. 


We’ve taken a closer look at the update, and here’s what you need to know.


What's the same?


We get it: seeing “discontinued” on equipment you rely on can be unsettling and confusing.


Deciding on alternatives or replacements is a daunting task, often leaving you with more questions than answers.


The good news is, the Hitachi WJ-C1 series is designed for an easy transition!


It’s identical mounting footprint to the WJ200 makes it a straightforward replacement.


And, by maintaining the same communication protocols, it allows for integration with an existing control system. 

New Look


Say goodbye to the up and down arrows!


Hitachi developed the new WJ-C1 Series with a JOG dial as a replacement for those traditional controls. 


This innovative dial allows for precise movement in small increments, which is perfect for tasks like calibration and fine-tuning. 


That’s not all! By running your motor at a low speed, you can use the JOG function to diagnose potential problems before they arise. 


Certifications and Functionality


In addition to CE, UL and c-UL certifications, the new WJ-C1 is also EU-RoHS2 compliant.


Restricting the use of hazardous materials, Hitachi WJ-C1 aligns with in-demand, eco-friendly products. 


Now, the question you’ve been waiting for: will it function the same?


As mentioned before, the WJ200 and WJ-C1 share basic functionalities. 


The WJ200 Series has a built-in PLC functionality and caters to customization, while WJ-C1 Series focuses on user-friendliness with simplified features like RS485 communication, PID control and an intuitive LCD screen.


Marshall Wolf Automation is an authorized Hitachi drives distributor, for more information on the WJ-C1 Series contact us!