Our Field Trip to AHR Expo

Our Field Trip to AHR Expo

Posted by Theresa Hoffman on Jan 31st 2024

Once again, we’re on the move! We saw a ton of opportunity at the food and beverage show ProcessExpo back in November.


This time we headed out to AHR Expo to see where we can help on the HVACR industry.


Here’s how it went!




What better place to start than big?


The show itself was overwhelming, with two full rooms filled with over 1800 booths!


We hit the jackpot when we stumbled upon a manufacturer who specializes in pumps, tanks and systems for industrial applications.


Their display stopped me dead in my tracks when I saw the massive WEG motor they’d installed on a centrifugal pump.


The booth employee clearly saw the question on my face, so she told me it was a 250HP motor!


I love seeing where our manufacturers products end up, this one was very impressive!


Our manufacturers haven’t been slowing down! We saw some familiar faces, and met other members of their teams. There are exciting new products coming in 2024!


Thank you WEG, Delta, TCI, Invertek and Altech for meeting with us.


From next-gen variable speed drives to energy saving solutions, WEG showcased a wide range of their products.


Highlighting their commitment diverse needs, on display were CFW300, CFW500 and new CFW900 Series, catering from simple set ups to large demanding applications.


But what if a VSD isn’t right for your application? For those cases WEG also displayed GPH2 Series soft starter, demonstrating the array of customizations.


You can find out more about WEG products here!


For over 50 years, Delta has been a global leader in power electronic and automation solutions. 


Their dedicated commitment to modern business challenges shines through in their innovative drives, like the MS300 Series.


This series delivers cost-saving performance for a wide range of applications, from optimizing HVAC systems to controlling multi-pump setups


Featuring built in Safety Torque Off (STO) and Optiflow to streamline multi-pump management this was the perfect drive to feature at AHR.


You can find out more about Delta products here!


As a global manufacturer of controlled motion products, Allied Power acquired TCI in 2018, integrating their operations into the Germantown, Wisconsin location.


On display was their newly released HSE Series EMC passive harmonic filter.


Standing for ‘High Surge Efficiency’, the HSE filters are designed to handle inrush current and transient voltage spikes making them ideal for demanding applications.


What does this mean? Environments with sensitive electronics and high start up currents, the HSE offers maximum protection!


You can find out more about Allied Power/ TCI products here!





We couldn’t miss Inverteks signature purple!


I had seen videos of the Optidrive-Eco display, but seeing it in person was so eye-catching that I couldn’t resist getting a picture of it with Richie, our Technical Sales Specialist.


Rated IP66 in a NEMA4X enclosure, Optidrive-Eco is an energy-saving solution for HVAC applications.


Optiflow, a multi-pump control system is embedded within the Eco, allows for coordination with multiple pumps in a single pump system.


Curiosity drew Tim, our Technical Sales Advisor, in for a closer look behind the Optipass Bypass Panel. We’re keeping those details under wraps for now, we’ll share more news as we get it!


You can find out more about Invertek products here!



Our AHR experience wouldn’t be complete without stopping in to see the Altech booth.


Altech is a supplier of components and devices used in industrial control and automation applications.


Katko disconnect switches, Bernstein safety switches, Doepke circuit protection and Altech power supplies were among a wide range of products on display.


Seeing these industry-leading brands under one roof really does make Altech and one-stop shop for all things industrial control and automation. 


We squeezed in plenty of exercise, met a lot of new people and saw a lot of interesting applications. There was only one thing missing…our car!


For those who are familiar with McCormick place in Chicago, you know that parking can be tricky! We learned that firsthand, wandering through the cold garage, key fob in hand, listening for the beep.


But after 15 minutes, success! We found our ride home! Despite the temporarily lost car, we had an amazing experience at the show!