Line Reactor Refresh: TCI Updates

Line Reactor Refresh: TCI Updates

Posted by Theresa Hoffman on Apr 18th 2024

Following up on our blog post, What is a line reactor and when do I use one? , which covered the basics of line reactors, Mark Jansen from TCI recently visited our office for an update on their products. 

We thought this was a great opportunity to refresh our knowledge!

New Location

TCI is a leading manufacturer of power quality solutions for industrial power conversion.

Established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1961, they partnered with OEMs worldwide offering active (electronic) and passive (magnetic) products to resolve power quality and harmonic issues.

All TCI products are manufactured in the USA in the new 99,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Germantown, Wisconsin.

TCI's USA made products are synonymous with quality and consistency. As a trusted brand, TCI continues to deliver time and time again.


"There is a growing proportion of harmonic producting, non-linear loads on distribution systems. Excessive harmonic distortion on the distribution system can have adverse effects on both utility and customer equipment. To limit harmonic currents and resulting harminic voltages created by non-linear loads, the guidelines included in IEEE std 519-1992 'IEEE Recommended Practices and Requirements for Harmonic Control Electric Power Systems" shall be followed" - Xcel Energy® Standard for Electrical Installation and Use

What does this mean? 

By understanding IEEE-519, TCI can help ensure good quality electricity for both utilities and industrial facilities. 

Harmonic distortion, caused by an increasing number of "disruptive" devices on a grid, can make electricity distorted or "choppy",

As the number of devices that use electricity grows in ways that can affect the power grid, equipment damage can occur for both the power company and consumers.

TCI's electrical consultants design low-harmonic solutions to address harmonic distortion. 

These solutions protect equipment and improve overall power on the electrical grid. 

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Line Reactors

To regulate the speed of an AC motor, variable frequency drives (VFDs) rapidly switch the voltage and current, which can introduce harmonic distortion, and current fluctuations. 

Using a line reactor with your VFD can help improve VFD performance and power quality by actively smoothing out the AC waveform, resisting changes in current, and stabilizing current flow. 

Line reactors act as a buffer, achieving these benefits.

Finding the right line reactor depends on your specific VFD and motor combination, as well as the overall system characteristics. 

To find out if a line reactor is right for your application, contact us for assistance!

Image: TCI Presentation

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