Get Organized with Wiring Duct and DIN Rail

Get Organized with Wiring Duct and DIN Rail

Posted by Theresa Hoffman on Jun 5th 2024

Unscrambling wiring can be a nightmare! It's like trying to solve multiple puzzles all at once, where each tangled cord represents a different mystery. You follow one wire, only to find it intertwined with another, and then another, until you're left staring at a chaotic mess.

I've been there many times when I reorganize my desk, following a cord from the outlet to see what it's connected to. I'll find my laptop cord wrapped around my monitor cord, with a third and fourth mystery cord somehow looped around both.

It's at these moments that I think, 'There has to be a better way!'

Iboco wiring duct and DIN rail would really come in handy at this point!

Clean up the wires

Messy, tangled wiring in your control panel or enclosure can pose a safety hazard, lead to electrical problems, and make troubleshooting difficult.

Iboco wiring duct not only clean up the wire and make your control panel look professional and organized, but also offers additional benefits.

The extensive line of wiring duct offered by Iboco simplifies wire retention, identification, and the direct mounting of both duct and equipment on DIN rail.

Wiring Duct

Let’s jump right into it!

Iboco's wiring duct, made from rigid PVC, offer a winning combination of safety, strength, and flexibility.

The wire duct material is self-extinguishing, meaning they stop burning on their own if the fire source disappears. This significantly reduces the risk of fire spreading within your electrical system.

Beyond safety, their duct come in black, grey and blue. This allows you to organize your wiring by circuit, voltage level, and even add custom labels for enhanced clarity.

In addition to their standard T1 all-inclusive series and TS/TSH solid duct options, Iboco also offers dinosaur flexible duct and custom wiring solutions to meet your specific needs.

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DIN Rail

Don't underestimate the power of DIN rail!

This simple mounting system keeps your electrical components neatly organized in your electrical cabinet or workspace. Using DIN rail saves you time, space, and maximizes efficiency.

With DIN rail, adding or removing components from your control panel becomes a breeze, offering great flexibility for future changes.

Iboco offers a wide selection of DIN rail in stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and steel – all in stock and ready to ship!


Wire Duct

DIN Rail

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