Get Early Warning Signs From Pepperl+Fuchs Vibration Sensors

Get Early Warning Signs From Pepperl+Fuchs Vibration Sensors

Posted by Theresa Hoffman on Sep 21st 2023

Can you feel the vibration?

If it’s obvious enough then, yes! But what if it’s not so obvious? 


Wouldn’t it be great to know if you’re about to have a problem because of component vibrations you don’t know are happening?


Pepperl+Fuchs has you covered with the VIM series vibration sensor


How it works

Fans, belts, gear boxes – basically most of the components on a machine have the potential to fail due to vibration.


Over time the wear on components in a machine causes vibrations that can lead to failure and downtime.


The VIM sensor can provide early warning signs of potential problems. Therefore, you can take corrective action BEFORE the failure occurs.


As a result the preventative measures can improve safety, additionally save time and money!

So many applications!

VIM is ideal for monitoring gearboxes, conveyor belts, compressors, engines even structural health…the list goes on!

Check out the available sizes

  • VIM3 is the smallest in the series. It’s suited for less complex applications and comes with IO-Link interface for process data, parameterization and diagnosis.
  • VIM6 is designed to be used in high temperature applications where there is extended temperature and vibration measurements needed.
  • VIM8 is suitable for harsh and hazardous environments that require SIL 2/PLd rating

Safety First!

The VIM sensor is certified to SIL 1/PLc and SIL 2/PL d, therefore they can be used in safety-critical applications where there is serious risk of injury or damage.


The most important thing to remember is that the VIM sensor is a valuable tool.


Other important things to remember includes its reliability, cost-effectiveness, and ability to provide early warning of potential problems. 




Marshall Wolf Automation is an authorized Pepperl+Fuchs distributor, contact us for more information on their products!