Check out these updates from Altech

Check out these updates from Altech

Posted by Theresa Hoffman on Feb 28th 2024

In case you missed it, we recently attended the HVACR show at McCormick place in Chicago to support our manufacturers and discover industry trends.


While visiting Altech’s booth, we lucked out!


They were scheduled to visit our office after the show, and we convinced them to include some product updates with our sales team during their visit. 


These meetings are invaluable – the more we know, the better we can serve our customers!


Who is Altech


Located in Flemington, New Jersey, Altech is a master distributor of components and devices used in industrial control.


They offer a comprehensive line of high-quality products, meeting UL and international standards, and are all REACH and RoHS compliant.


Their product lines include a wide range of terminal blocks, disconnect switches, industrial connectors and interface modules.


Thank you so much Dave Krochta, Russ Krause and Sami Kokkomäki for the training and the photo op!


Dave Krochta(Altech), Russ Krause(Altech), Sami Kokkomäki(Katko)



Need to enhance safety and reliability? Look no further than the expanded Katko KU series disconnect lineup.


Previously available in 60 amp and 100 amp, the KU series now welcomes a versatile 30 amp model.


Maintaining 600VAC maximum voltage, this new addition also caters to DC voltage applications making it ideal for battery-powered systems.


With automation on the rise and warehouses incorporating robot activity, the KU330UL98 is designed for these environments.

Features KU330UL98

  • Compact Size: ideal for space-constrained environments like robot control panels
  • Dual Voltage Compatibility: Handles both AC and DC
  • Enhanced Safety: features clear On/Off markings, optional padlock, quick-make, quick-break mechanism
  • Clear Labeling: for easy installation
  • Silver Contacts: ensure safe and durable operation



Altech Power Supply Update


Altech bids farewell to the low profile PS Series and slim line PS-S series.


Introducing: low profile PSD Series and slim line PSC Series!


While maintaining the familiar sizes and features of their predecessors, the new series is upgraded to function similar to the discontinued models.


Altech is always working to continuously improve their products, we’ll provide updates as we get them.

PCB Terminal Blocks


From powering vital components to transmitting signals, messy wiring can be a challenge.


PCB terminal blocks are often the answer to organizing your wires, and ensuring reliable connections.


To help you simplify wiring, Altech has significantly expanded their terminal block offering to over 20,000 parts selection and styles.


For more information on Altech products, check out their video resources here!