Annual MWA State of the Union

Annual MWA State of the Union

Posted by Theresa Hoffman on Apr 9th 2024

The annual MWA company meeting was a great success!

The Wolf Pack came together to discuss future plans, celebrate achievements and strengthen our team spirit!

Our well-organized leaders gave us a lot to be excited about what is ahead for 2024!

From Left: Marc Williams, Beckie Sullivan, Tina Hueppe, Tyler Jensen- Meet Our Team

Tina kicked off the meeting with a warm welcome!

With employees spread across two buildings and some working remotely, this in-person meeting was a valuable opportunity. She dove into our 2024 business strategy and shared the key takeaways from the management team’s meeting with Frank Hurtte.

Frank brings almost 30 years of experience to the distribution world, and offers inspirational advice for success! Tina emphasized the importance of both team happiness and providing exceptional customer support that goes above and beyond.

To ensure every customer feels like a VIP, she encouraged our team to explore continuing education opportunities, whether it’s through seminars, webinars, or even in-person.  

Tim Springer, Richie Knolle-Meet Our Team

Up next, was Marc.

He talked about the new roles Tim Springer and Richie Knolle, formerly of tech support, have transitioned into.

They are now both Technical Sales Specialists, working in a hybrid model. This means they will provide tech support in the office while also visiting customers on-site. If you'd like to schedule a meeting with them, contact us!

Beckie then filled us in on all of the behind the scenes work of the e-commerce team, and the exciting launch of our new website!

While there are still improvements in progress, we're thrilled with the positive feedback we've received since going live on March 7th.

A huge thank you to everyone for their hard work, and to the volunteers who tirelessly tested the systems to ensure a seamless user experience for our customers on the new site!

E-Commerce Team

Kyle, Beckie, Theresa, Brenden - Meet Our Team

Tyler wrapped up the meeting by discussing our ongoing systems updates.

In a funny twist, his first slide revealed his 'love' for our tax certification system! We couldn’t resist a little fun, considering the countless hours he’s dedicated to this function on our website.

We’re still working out the bugs, and appreciate your patience while we make improvements.

You can contact our customer service team for assistance.

The meeting left a positive impression on everyone. Not only did it offer valuable insights, but it was also lighthearted and fun.

The Historic Village Hall in Algonquin was the perfect setting for the Wolf Pack to gather. We all enjoyed a delicious lunch catered by Maple & Hash in West Dundee.

Overall, we walked away feeling motivated by Tina’s message and equipped with important updates from Marc, Beckie and Tyler. The icing on the cake? A gift bag of MWA swag, including a comfy sweatshirt, cookie and hat!

The only missing element? The cookies for the meeting! They made it from the store, to the car, but somehow not to the meeting. Their whereabouts remain a mystery to this day!

Gina, Therese

Tim Lenzi, Cindi

David Sheets

Stephanie, Brenden, Ilanka

Tina Hueppe, Jon Wolf, Karin Wolf