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VFD, 0.50hp, 2.5A, 115VAC, Single Phase Input, 230VAC, 3 Phase Output, Compact Micro Drive, Easy To Use, Optional NEMA 1 Kit: NEMA1-C2-106 and Optional DIN Rail Mounting Adapter: RMA-C1-0.75 Available to Order Separately

The FRENIC-Mini (C2) is a general purpose micro drive that is easy to use and packed with features in a compact housing.

Standard functions of the FRENIC-Mini include high starting torque, synchronous motor control, optimum energy savings, PID control and built-in Modbus RTU.

The optional NEMA/UL Type 1 kit allows you to use this drive in stand alone applications. There is also a DIN rail adapter (up to 5hp) and a remote/USB keypad accessory.

The FRENIC-Mini is available in:

  • 1 phase, 115V from 1/8 to 1hp
  • 1 phase, 230V from 1/8 to 3hp
  • 3 phase, 230V from 1/8 to 20hp
  • 3 phase, 460V from 1/8 to 20hp

The Fuji FRENIC-Mini has a simplified torque vector control system with automatic torque boost function. 

  • Fan, Pump applications: automatic energy-saving function, PID control function, and cooling fan ON/OFF control function
  • Target industries include transverse conveyors, conveyors for food processing, mixers, chemical equipment and wood processing machines

With improved voltage control capability and reduced motor instability at low speed (about half compared with that of conventional models at 1Hz), the Mini can be used to drive mixers, chemical equipment, wood processing machines and a range of other applications.

Fuji is the world's top manufacturer of general purpose inverters in the 5hp or below class!

Effective July 1, 2015: FRENIC-Mini now has the following features (Part Number changed from 'C1S' to 'C2S':)

  • Compatible with Fuji Electric's loader software
  • Firmware for permanent magnet motors
  • RS485 serial port with standard MODBUS RTU communication
  • Same size and footprint as the old FRENIC-Mini

Check out this blog about the Tips & Tricks of VFDs. Better yet, check out this whole section all about AC Drives.

More Information
Input Voltage 120V, Single Phase Only
Horsepower 1/2 hp
Output 3 Phase Output
Housing/Enclosure IP20 (NEMA 1 Kit Available)
Type of Drive General Purpose, Volts per Hertz (V/Hz)
Options Enclosed, General Purpose Use
Availability Standard Stock
Product Series FRENIC-Mini
Warranty 3 Years
Weight - lbs. 2.430000
Manufacturer Fuji Electric

Series Features Include:

  • Starting Torque: 150% running at 1Hz with Slip compensation and auto-torque boost
  • Control: V/F control, Slip compensation, Auto-toque boost, Dynamic torque vector control system
  • Built in Modbus RTU
  • Dynamic Torque Vector Control System
  • Slip Compensation which shortens setting time
  • PID Control Function
  • Cooling Fan ON/OFF Control Function
  • Synchronous Motor Control
  • Standard RS-485 communications port

Functions for User Applications

  • V/F (non-linear 3 step)
  • Two motor parameter sets
  • Brake signal (brake release signal)
  • Rotational direction control (prevent forward/reverse movement)
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