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Replaced FL1F-B12RCE
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Smart Relay, Without Display, 12/24VDC, 12 I/O CPU Base Module, Relay Outputs.

Update February 2019: New enhancements to the FL1F announced by IDEC!

  • Modbus TCP client/server
  • Web Page Editor
  • Support Windows 10 - WindLGC version 8.2 now supports Windows 10
  • Microsoft Excell Access Tool
  • -20 to 55°C operating termperature
  • Support Network Time Protocol (NTP)
  • New units are marked with FS 05 on the pakcaging label and on the product
  • New units will be shipped only after current IDEC inventory is depleted

Our compact and powerful FL1F SmartRelay series features CPU base modules, new digital and analog expansion modules configurable up to 60 I/O and an improved Text Display Panel allowing configuration of twice as many lines and characters!

Along with universal voltage, built-in analog inputs, real time clock and 10 amp relay outputs, Idec has added additional features comparable to a micro PLC.

These features include an embedded RJ45 Ethernet port so users can remotely monitor, download and upload programs from a web browser. No special programming cable required! And with an embedded micro SD port, data logging is now supported and the ability to store and transfer programs couldn’t be easier.

Users want to monitor and control the SmartRelay from a smart phone and tablet? No problem. New SmartRelay Apps are available.

Extra enhancements include the ability to network up to 16 SmartRelays over an Ethernet network, an improved LCD display, and improved Real Time Clock backup up to 480 hours.

More Information
Part Number FL1F-B12RCE
Alternate Part Number Replaced FL1F-B12RCE
Product Series FL1F SmartRelay
Voltage 12-24VDC
Display/No Display No Display
Weight - lbs. 0.5000
Product Type SmartRelays
Base Unit of Measure Each
Availability Please Contact Us
Options No Special Options
Output See Spec


  • Maximum 60 I/O
  • Embedded RJ45 Ethernet Port
  • Web Server Function
  • Access using iOS and Android Apps
  • Micro SD Card
  • Built-in Real Time Clock
  • Data Logging - up to 20,000 lines in a file with a maximum of 50 files can be stored in the Micro SD memory card
  • Integrated Web Server
  • 10A Relay Outputs
  • Optional Text Message Display panel
  • Function block or Ladder programming
  • FL1F SmartRelays can communicate with each other over an Ethernet network
  • Up to 16 FL1F SmartRelays can be configured on the network
  • The FL1F series replaced the FL1E series in January 2016
  • Compare to Siemens LOGO, Eaton Easy, Allen Bradley Pico, Telemecanique Zelio, Omron Zen and the Mitsubishi Alpha
  • cULus CE FM Class 1 Div 2 Lloyds Registered and ABS approved
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