Thermal Management

(a.k.a. enclosure thermostat, fans, radiant heater, heat exchangers, chillers, cooling unit, hygrostat, enclosure heating, enclosure cooling)

The basics: temperature monitoring devices and heating/cooling products that control the overall temperature inside of an enclosure. Temperature can affect the reliability and service life of electric and electronic equipment.
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  1. Heater, Thermostat, 125W, 115VAC
    Fan Heater with Thermostat, 125W, 115VAC, Provide 17012515407
    170 1251 5407 (FLH-TF 125 115V) Replacement for 17020015407, FLH-TF 200
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  2. 170 2071 0034
    Fan Heater, Compact with Thermostat, 230V, 200W, 17020710034
    170 2071 0034, PFH-T 200, This is a Possible Replacement for 17020010407. Please Review Specifications for your Application.
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