Soft Starters

(a.k.a. motor soft start, soft start, low voltage soft starters, LVSS, medium voltage soft starters, MVSS)

The basics: soft starters are used to temporarily reduce the load and torque of a motor during start-up. This can help extend the life of your motor by ramping up to full speed and reducing stress and heat during the process. If you need to control the speed of the motor during the start and stop cycle, please see our variable frequency drives.
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  1. Soft Starter, 3 Phase, 130A, 690VAC, 150hp, Frame
    Soft Starter, 3 Phase, 130 Amp, 690VAC, 150hp, Fra SSW900C0130T6E2B
    15938652, Recommended Replacement for SSW060130T5769ESZ
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  2. Soft Starter, 412A: 150hp/230V, 350hp/460V
    Soft Starter, 412A: 150hp/230V, 350hp/460V, 400hp/ SSW070412T5SH1Z
    11043370 (This Replaced SSW070412T5SZ, 11250213)
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  3. Soft Starter, 3 Phase, 365A, 230/460/575VAC
    Soft Starter, 3 Phase, 365 Amp, 230/460/575VAC, 15 SSW900D0365T5E3B
    15824973, Recommended Replacement for SSW060365T2257ESZ
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  4. Soft Starter, 3 Phase, 412A, 230/460/575VAC
    Soft Starter, 3 Phase, 412 Amp, 230/460/575VAC, 15 SSW900D0412T5E3B
    15824975, Recommended Replacement for SSW060412T2257ESZ
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