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Best known for: Signal towers
Our favorite product: Their new ANDONLight system!
Fun fact: WERMA originally made hair dryers and motors
Newest product release: KombiSIGN 72
Warranty: 2 years
Wema Signal Towers
  • Search All Werma Light Towers
  • KombiSIGN Modular Light Towers
  • Pre-Assembled Signal Towers
    • deSIGN 42 - 42mm, 24V
    • ClearSIGN - 40mm, 24V
    • CleanSIGN - 70mm, 24V, for pharmaceutical and food industries
    • FlatSIGN - 24, 115 or 230V, transparent housing or metal design
    • VarioSIGN - 24V, selection from many colors and light effects, optional siren
    • Ex Signal Tower -  37.5mm, 24V, use in potentially explosive areas
Werma Horns & Sirens
  • The PATROL Sounders are audible alarms that can be quickly installed in any climate:
    • PA 1 series is 100dB
    • PA 5 series is 105dB
    • PA 10 series is 110 dB
    • PA 20 series is 120dB
    • 80 tones and 4 tone stages
    • NEMA 4/4X, IP6
  • The PATROL Flashing Sounders combine the audible alarm with a flashing strobe light:
    • PA X 1 is 100dB with 5 joules flash energy
    • PA X 5 is 105dB with 5 or 10 joules flash energy
    • PA X 10 is 110dB with 10 or 15 joules flash energy
    • PA X 20 is 120dB with 10 or 15 joules flash energy
    • 80 tones, 4 tone stages and flashing strobe light
    • NEMA 4/4X, IP66
    • Werma also offers panel mount buzzers, horns, sirens, multi-tone products and alarm bells
  • Search horns and sirens now
Werma Beacons & Traffic Lights
Please contact us for more options
  • Micro, Mini, Midi and Maxi beacons available in a range of voltages
  • FlexSQUARE traffic lights
  • Heavy duty lights
  • Obstruction lights
  • Traffic lights
  • Monitored lights
  • Ex signal beacons
              Werma Optical-Audible Combinations
              • The PYRA Series is a flashing strobe light, available with or without alarm
                • PYRA series are flashing strobe lights with a visible field of 180° x 360°.
                • PY X-M does not have a sounder, unique triangle shape, 5/10 joules flash energy
                • PY X –MA has a sounder and flashing strobe light, unique triangle shape, 5/10 joules flash energy, 100dB sounder with 8 tones
                • PY X-S-05 does not have a sounder, is rectangular, 5 joules flash energy
                • NEMA 4/4X, IP66
                • Surface, flush or pole mount
                • 180° x 360° visibility

              Werma was founded by Werner and Erich Marquardt in 1950 and originally produced hair dryers and motors!

              In 1957 they started producing buzzers and horns, they stopped production on all other products.

              In 1994 WERMA presented the world's first modular signal tower, KombiSIGN. They have continued to expand their signal towers, beacons, horns and optical-audible products.

              WERMA USA Inc. is located in East Syracuse, New York.
              Most Popular Series
              Werma AndonLight System
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