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Best known for: Safety swtiches
Our favorite product: AZ15ZVRK safety switches
Fun fact: Schmersal is one of the largest safety switching device suppliers in the world!
Warranty: One year

Safety Switches

Schmersal Safety Switch
  • Safety switches with separate interlock
  • Heavy duty limit switches
  • Solenoid interlock
  • Position switches
  • Safety switch for hinged guards
  • Safety sensors
  • E-stop switches
  • E-stop buttons
  • Foot switches
    • NKF, NKF2, NKF3, F 232, 2F 232
  • Two-handed control panels
    • SEPK, SEPG
  • Control stations
    • BDF100, BDF200
  • Safety light barriers
  • Safety light curtains and grids

Safety Controls

Schmersal Safety Control
  • Guard door monitors
  • Multifunction safety modules
  • Fail-safe delay timers
  • Safety control modules
  • Programmable safety controllers


Schmersal GK1 Catalog

In 1945 Brothers Kurt Andreas and Ernst Schmersal founded a company immediately after the second World War. They initially built components used in the production of lifts and in 1947 they began the production of mechanically-operated electrical control devices.

Today the Schmersal Group is a global company that develops and produces a range of approximately 25,000 different switchgear and control devices!

Marshall Wolf Automation is your source for Schmersal products!

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