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Best known for: Enclosure thermal management
Our favorite product: Filterfans® - very popular with our customers!
Fun fact: Pfannenberg light towers can be programmed for use on a Christmas tree
Newest product release: DTS 3441/3461/3481SS - dual condenser fans
Warranty: 1 year, signaling products have a 10 year warranty!
Pfannenberg Filter Fans
  • Forced convective cooling to circulate and cool the air in your cabinets
  • IP55, Type 12
  • Flat profile
  • Filterfans 4.0® have a unique patent pending 4-corner fastening system - quick, tool-free installation!
  • We stock many Pfannenberg replacement filters as well!
Pfannenberg Cooling Units
  • DTS 3000 is the choice for our NEMA markets
  • DTT top mount cooling units can be safely installed above critical components
  • DTI 6000 series allows European-style recessed mounting on enclosure doors and side panels on modular systems
Pfannenberg Hygrostat
  • Fan heaters - FLH fan heaters and PFH fan heaters with thermostat
  • Enclosure thermostats - FLZ series are used for control of Filterfans® or electrical enclosure heaters
  • Hygrostats - Used to switch on electrical
Pfannenberg Audible Alarms
Pfannenberg Audible Alarms with Flashing Lights
  • PATROL flashing sounders combine the audible alarm with a flashing strobe light.
  • PA X 1 is 100dB with 5 joules flash energy
  • PA X 5 is 105dB with 5 or 10 joules flash energy
  • PA X 10 is 110dB with 10 or 15 joules flash energy
  • PA X 20 is 120dB with 10 or 15 joules flash energy
  • 80 tones, 4 tone stages and flashing strobe light
  • NEMA 4/4X, IP66
Pfannenberg Flashing Strobe
  • PYRA series are flashing strobe lights with a visible field of 180° x 360°.
  • PY X-M does not have a sounder, unique triangle shape, 5/10 joules flash energy
  • PY X –MA has a sounder and flashing strobe light, unique triangle shape, 5/10 joules flash energy, 100dB sounder with 8 tones
  • PY X-S- 05 does not have a sounder, is rectangular, 5 joules flash energy
  • NEMA 4/4X, IP66
  • Surface, flush or pole mount
  • 180° x 360° visibility
Pfannenberg Heat Exchange
  • PWS Air/Water Heat Exchangers
    • Efficient cooling when ambient conditions are at their worst
  • PAI Series – Air/Air Heat Exchangers
    • Efficient cooling with ambient air
  • PWW Series – Water/water Heat Exchangers
    • When source water is too cold or contaminated to be directly circulated, this unit can deliver clean coolant at optimum temperatures
Pfannenberg Chillers
  • CC series are compact chillers
  • EB series is best for recirculated cooling of machinery, hydraulics, automation components, etc.
  • Pfannenberg chillers are a perfect match for the PWS air/water heat exchangers when a local source of cooling is not available

Pfannenberg invented the Filterfan® in 1958 and have grown to be the trusted name for forced convective cooling to circulate and cool the air in enclosures. They have international headquarters in Hamburg, Germany and North-American headquarters in Lancaster, NY.

Pfannenberg manufacturers thermal management products, liquid cooling solutions and a full line of signaling solutions.

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized stocking distributor for the complete line of Pfannenberg products!
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Pfannenberg Filter Fans

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