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Best known for: Light towers of all shapes and sizes
Our favorite product: HSST kit - our customers love that it is has everything they need!
Fun fact: PATLITE's original name was Sasaki Electric Corporation! The name PATLITE was created from 'patrol car' and 'light'.
Newest product release: LR Series Stack Lights - easy to customize and reorganize
Warranty: New LR series is 2 years, balance of line is 1 year

Signal Towers

Patlite LR Series
  • Introduced in 2017
  • Available pre-assembled or in components
  • 40, 50, 60 or 70mm
  • 360° LED design, vibrant color
  • Easily customize and reconfigure light and sound modules
  • Even with sound module you keep the IP65, NEMA 4X rating
  • IP65, NEMA 4X, NEMA 13
  • 2 year warranty
  • This series will eventually replace LCE, LU5, LME, LU7, LE, LES and LMS series
Patlite LS79 Series
  • IP69K for high pressure and high temperature washdown applications
  • Available in 3 or 5 tier models
  • Search the LS7-9 series
Patlite LME Series
  • 60mm
  • One of Patlite's most popular light towers (until the LR series came along!)
  • This series will be discontinued by the end of the 2017
  • LME and LME-L will be replaced by the LR6
  • LME-U will be replaced by the LR6-U
  • LME-N will be replaced by the LR6-U
  • LME-Q and LME-S will be replaced by LR6-MZ which will be released in August 2017
Patlite LU7 Series
  • 70mm
  • Modular system
  • This series is being discontinued by the end of 2017
  • Replacement series is the LR7 (for the LU7-U use the LR5-U)
  • Also available in 50mm (LU5 whichi is being replaced by LR5)
Patlite NHL Series
Patlite VSST Series
  • Manual switch box with LED signal tower
  • Can be up to 5 LED colors, 2 alarms and steady or flashing functions
  • The switchbox is available with either the LCE (VSST-LCE) or LE (VSST-LE) light towers
  • In 2018 the VSST-LCE and VSST-LE will be replaced by the VSSTLR series using the new LR series light towers
  • The new VSSTLR are available in 40, 50 and 60mm
  • Order now!
Patlite HSST Series
  • Popular kit that includes everything you need for manual control
  • Includes 3-color 50mm LED light tower, two poles (one short 80mm and one long 310mm), mounting brackets, 120VAC adapter with 1800mm cord and a manually operable control box!
  • Easy to use and ready to go
  • Usually ships same day, order now.
Patlite PHE Series
  • PC controlled light tower
  • Can be used to supervise your PC, server and/or workstation
  • Can also be used to indicate status of a process
  • Learn more about the PHE

Beacons, Strobes & Warning Lights

Patlite LFH Series
  • Indoor/outdoor beacon
  • 100mm, IP66 rated (mounted upright)
Patlite NE Series
  • Continuous LED
  • 57mm, compact
  • IP65
Patlite LP3U Series
  • 33 unique flash patterns with a wide range of flashes per minute
  • 3 bright LED lights
  • NEMA 4
  • Indoor/outdoor
Patlite LP8U Series
  • 33 unique flash patterns with a wide range of flashes per minute
  • 8 bright LED lights
  • Can be operated as a single unit or synchronized with up to 4 units
  • Indoor/outdoor

Audible Alarms

  • EHS Series - melody/alarm player, available
    in explosion safe as well (EHS-EX)
  • BD Series - 80mm square, 32 different melody sounds
  • BSV Series - 75mm square, MP3, voice annunciator
  • BM Series - 50mm square, 2 buzzer sounds
  • BK Series - 120mm square, 32 buzzer sounds
  • Search all Patlite audible alarms

Legacy Series

  • LCE series is now the LCE-A series (RoHS compliant)
  • LGEH is now the LKEH-F
  • EW-M is now the EWH-A
  • EMB is now the BK-A
  • CL is now the CLN
  • CLB (white) is now the CLA
  • CLM is now the CLN
  • WM is now the WME-A
  • LU5/LU5-U is now LR5/LR5-U
  • LU7/LU7-U is now LR7/LR7-U
  • LME/LME-L is now LR6
  • LME-U is now LR6-U
  • LCE-U (silver body) now LR4-U
  • LCE (beige body) is still available
  • Learn more about the discontinued series here.

PATLITE was founded in 1947 and the original name was Sasaki Electric Corporation. The first product developed was a rotating warning light for patrol cars in Japan.

The name PATLITE was later adopted and created from 'Patrol Car' and  'Light'! Today PATLITE is a leading manufacturer of LED status light towers, sound alarms and audible network system solutions. Their US office is located in Torrance, California and they continue to release innovative products.
Most Popular Series

Patlite NE Series

Last price increase: October 1, 2017 (previous one was April 1, 2015)
LR Cross Reference Configurator

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