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Best known for: LG is a huge name in consumer electronics!
Our favorite product: C100 drives
Fun fact: LS was part of LG Industrial Systems for more than 30 years.
Warranty: 2 years
  • C100 series -
    • Compact, 1/8 to 10hp
    • V/F and sensorless vector 
    • Built-in potentiometer
    • Side by side installation
    • Dual rated for constant and variable torque
    • Built-in STO (safety torque off)
  • S100 series -
    • 1/2 to 100 hp
    • General purpiose drive with many advanced features
    • V/F and sensorless vector
    • Dual rated for constant and variable torque
    • Side by side installation
    • NEMA 4X models available
    • Built-in STO (safety torque off)
    • Heatsink of the back (flange option)
  • H100 series - fan and pump drive, 7.5 to 120 hp
  • iG5A series - powerful, available from 1/2 to 30 hp
  • iP5A series - fan and pump drive, 1 to 150 hp
  • iS7 series - high performance, 1 to 500 hp
  • Please contact us for pricing and delivery
  • UL489 MCB (miniature circuit breakers)
  • UL1077 MCB
  • UL1066 ACB
  • Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB)

    • UL489 Listed
    • Protect low voltage electrical systems from overloads and short circuits
    • 15 to 1200 amps in 7 frame sizes
    • Drop-in replacement to the discontinued Weg ACW series

In 1974 Lucky Packing Co., Ltd. was formed, they changed their name to Goldstar Industrial Systems Co., Ltd in 1987. They ended up acquiring Goldstar Instrument & Electric Co. Ltd's panel business in 1988.

In 1994 LG Industrial Systems Inc. went public and then changed their name to LG Industrial Systems in 1995.

LSIS had been operating under the name of LG Industrial Systems until it was separated and renamed LSIS under the LS Group.

LSIS USA focuses on variable frequency drives, contactors, relays, MMS (manual motor starters), molded case circuit breaker and vacuum circuit breakers. There is a large warehouse located in Illinois.

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized LSIS distributor! .
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