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Best known for: Thermometers! Especially the Temporal Scanner™…
Our favorite product: Honestly? The forehead scanners.
Fun fact: Exergen was founded by Harvard-research scientist, Dr. Francesco Pompei
Newest product release:
Warranty: 2 years

exergen temperature sensor
  • The world's only self-powered infrared thermocouple
  • Ideal for low temperatures (<500°)
  • Most reliable non-contact temperature sensors
  • No active electronics… so they don't fail
  • Use for non-metal or coated metal surfaces
  • Series include: IRt/c (standard), IRt/c.01, IRt/c.0-1Z, IRt/c.03, IRt/c.0, IRt/c.10, IRt/c.1X, IRt/c.2, IRt/c.3SV, IRt/c.3X, IRt/c.5, IRt/c.SV, microIRt/c, EXTREME IRt/c, IRt/c.3X-RF
Adjustable IRt/c's
  • Self-powered infrared thermocouple, field calibrated
  • User can calibrate the IRt/c's to match their thermocouple in the desired temperature range
  • Can be used for high temperatures, up to 5000°
  • Metal surfaces can be measured
  • Special optics available for small spots and far distances (up to 100:1)
  • Series are IRt/c xA; IRt/c.1, IRt/c.2, IRt/c.3, IRt/c.4, IRt/c.6, IRt/c.7, IRt/c.8
Smart IRt/c's
  • Microprocessor based with full scale linearization
  • Outputs available in plug and play, analog or RS232
  • No leakage current, impedance or cold junction compensation to worry about
  • -30 to 1000°C temperature ranges available
  • Optics to 40:1
  • Use for non-metal or coated metal surfaces
  • Series starts with SmartIRt/c.
exergen infrared scanner
  • The world's only NIST traceable IR thermometer
  • Use for non-contact or contact measurement
  • True accuracy on non-metal or coated metal surfaces
  • -50 to 1600°
  • Remote sensor versions also available
  • Series DX
Thermal Switches
  • SnakeEye thermal switches detect the presence of hot objects
  • Ideal for hot melt adhesive, laser engravings, labels and seals
  • Cooling jackets, mounting brackets, t/c wire, t/c connector kits and more

Exergen has three main divisions; industrial, medical and retail consumer. Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized Exergen distributor for the industrial division.

All Exergen products are invented, designed, assembled, tested and packaged in the USA! Exergen is headquartered in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized Exergen distributor.

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