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Best known for: Solid state relays
Our favorite product We'll go with solid state relays!
Fun fact: They Invented the first solid state relay in 1971!
Newest product release: PMP series proportional control solid state relays
Warranty: One year
Crydom Din Mount SSR
  • Popular mounting style
  • Ready to use in single and multiple channel configurations
  • 2 to 65 amp
  • Designed to fit standard 35mm DIN rail
  • Single channel:
    • DR22 series (AC or DC)
    • SeriesOne DR (AC or DC)
    • DRA1 series (AC or DC)
    • DRACN series (AC or DC)
    • CKR series (AC)
    • CMR series (AC)
    • CKM series (DC)
  • Dual channel:
    • SeriesOne DR Dual (AC)
  • Three channel:
    • DRC3P series (AC)
    • DRH series (AC)
    • DRA3P series (AC)
    • CTR series (AC)
  • Motor reversing:
    • DRC3R series (AC)
    • DRA3R series (AC)
    • DRA4D series (DC)
  • Four channel:
    • DRA4 series (AC or DC)

PCB Mount Solid State Relays
  • PCB mount single in-line
  • PCB mount 16 pin DIP
  • PCB mount mini-sip

Plug-In Mount Solid State Relays
  • AC output - 1, 3 and 5A, 24-280VAC
  • DC output - 5 amp @ 1-48VDC or 1-80VDC
Crydom SSR Accessories
Control Relays
  • Full line of solid state control relays
  • Phase angle control (proportional controller), burst fire control, soft start/soft stop, low voltage disconnect, self-status monitoring
  • Series include: LPCV, LVD, MCBC, MCPC, MCS, PCV, PMP, RPC, SMR-6

Power Modules
  • B-2 and B-2T series
  • BR8-2 and B48-2T series
  • F18 series
  • L series
  • M50 diode series
  • M50 series

SSR Timers
  • SeriesOne DR timer
  • Standard timing functions in a compact 11mm wide housing
  • Ratings up to 6 amps, AC or DC
  • Ideal for direct control of resistive and inductive loads, eliminates the need for interfacing relays
  • ON delay (delay on make), OFF delay (delay on break), single shot and repeat cycle
Crydom Panel Mount SSR
  • Designed to mount on flat panels or heat sinks with screws through the SSR baseplate
  • Generally the most widely used solid state relay type
  • Single, dual or 3-phase output, AC or DC
  • 1 to 160 amp
  • Options include: quick connect terminals, protective covers, LED input indicators, thermal interface pads
  • GN series (841 34) is a great general purpose panel mount relay

Legacy Series
  • These series are now obsolete, please contact us for recommended replacement:
    • 1RHP/3RHP
    • 53DP
    • AO
    • CPV
    • CR
    • CSD and CSE
    • CTX
    • EF
    • H12C
    • LC
    • MCTC, MCX241
    • MPF, MPX
    • PX
    • MS11, MS221, MS31
    • NTA, NTD
    • PF-B
    • PRG
    • S3
    • Series 2
    • SMR
    • SPA
    • SST

Crydom is the world's leading solid state switching manufacturer! Crydom was found in 1960 in Anaheim, California and acquired by International Rectifier Corporation in 1968.

Crydom invented the first solid state relay in 1971 and began manufacturing them in 1972. Their first panel mount SSR became the industry standard!

In 1987 Crydom was sold to Silicon Power Cube Corporation and then acquired by Schneider Electric in 2006. This was also when Schneider combined Crydom with their existing line of Crouzet solid state relays.

In 2015 Sensata Technologies Holding N.V. acquired the sensing divisions that included Kavlico, BEI, Crydom and Newall brands. In 2018 Sensata introduced new branding for all sub-brands to have the Sensata name included.
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