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Best known for: Sensors and solid state relays
Our favorite product: The RK series gives you two solid state relays in one housing, just 45mm wide!
Fun fact: Carlo Gavazzi acquired Electromatic back in 1988
Newest product release: The RK and RF1 solid state relays
Warranty: Mostly one year, however, some products have a longer warranty.
Carlo Gavazzi Monitoring Relays
Carlo Gavazzi Timers and Counters
  • Delay on operate (DAA/DBA/DBB)
  • Recycler (DCB)
  • Star Delta (DAQC)
  • Multifunction (DMB/DMC)
Carlo Gavazzi Contactors
  • CC series - IEC contactors
  • GDP series - definite purpose contactors
  • RGC series - solid state contactors
Carlo Gavazzi Power Supplies
  • SPD series - available in single, bi- and 3 phase
  • SPM series - low profile
  • 2 year warranty
Carlo Gavazzi Solid State Relays
  • RF1 series - takes up just 30% of the space of traditional hockey puck relays!
  • RK series - two solid state relays in one housing… just 45mm wide!
  • RM1A series - single phase relays with front cover and LED, up to 125 amps
  • RGC series - single phase, up to 85 amps, integrated heatsink
  • RA2A/RK2A - 2 pole solid state relays
  • RD series - for switching DC loads up to 5 amps
  • REC series - 3 phase electronic contactors and reversing contactors
  • RMD series - hybrid relays up to 40 amps
  • RP series - PCB relays for AC or DC switching
Carlo Gavazzi Cables and Cordsets
  • CONB series IP67 cordsets, M8 and M12
    • PVC or PUR jackets for harsh environments
    • 2m, 5m, 10m or 15m
Carlo Gavazzi Sensors
  • Capacitive proximity sensors
    • 12, 18 and 30mm, flat pack and for ATEXa nd high temp applications
    • CA, ECH and CD series
  • Inductive proximity sensors
    • Available in 6.5, 8, 12, 18, 30 and for harsh environment and high temp
    • IA, ICB, ICS and EI series
  • Ultrasonic proximity sensors
    • Available in 12, 18 and 30mm, UA series
  • Photoelectric sensors
    • 18mm (PA), mini (PD30), laser (LD32), door and gate (PD98), battery powered (PD180), door sensors (PD86), fork sensors (PF) and clear object detection (PD60)
  • Magnetic sensors
    • 6, 8, 10, 12, 13.5, 16mm and also flat and rectangular, FM/FS, MC/SP series
    • Float level (ILM/S & FSH/V) and safety switches (SMS)
  • Optical and conductive level sensors
    • Plastic, metal and probe and controller types (VP, CL)
  • Motion and presence sensors
    • Industrial radar (RAD), wireless safety (WSM) and motion/presence (Guardian)
  • Environmental sensors
    • Anemometer (DWS-V), wind vane (DWS-D), pyranometer (PVS2) and many other specialty sensors
  • Sensor accessories
Carlo Gavazzi Soft Starters
  • RSWT Series
    • Designed for pumping applications up to 75hp
    • Minimize vibrations during starting and stopping of centrifugal pumps
    • Minimize inrush current
    • Self-learning - optimizes over 3 to 6 starts
    • 3 phase soft starter available in 25, 55 and 90 amp models
  • RSGD Series
    • Ideal for motor applications up to 100hp
    • Compact, easy-to-use 3 phase soft starter
    • Self-learning algorithm
    • Built-in diagnostic functions and communications

Legacy Series
  • RJ1A is now RGC1A or RGH1A (for high temp)
  • RJ1B is now RGC1B
  • RX1A - recommend looking at the RGC1A series
  • RN series is now the RGC

Carlo Gavazzi
Carlo Gavazzi was founded in Milan in 1931 and went public in 1984. They acquired Electromatic, a manufacturer of control components, in 1988. We have been a long time distributor for Carlo Gavazzi and remember well the phasing out of the Electromatic name!

Carlo Gavazzi designs, manufacturers and markets electronic control components throughout the industrial automation market.
Most Popular Series

Carlo Gavazzi RKSeries
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